Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Very First Giveaway!

I decided to have a GIVEAWAY to feature a new item I am carrying on my webiste called Imageglow® Candles. These are beautiful,unscented candles perfect for those with allergies or for use at dinner parties. imageglow® – the candle with the glowing heart™
They are the perfect hybrid of home accessory + candle.
pillar candles and lantern candles available
with modern patterns embedded in the wax of the candle
that glow when illuminated. There are many styles and patterns to choose from.
an imageglow® candle is the perfect gift for so many occasions in your life
· thank you gifts
· birthday gifts
· anniversary gifts
· coworker gift
· house closing | real estate agent gift
· teacher gift
· memorial candle
· coach gift
· housewarming gift
· hostess gift
. Christmas Gifts
imageglow® candles can be a striking part of your home decor whether your style is rustic decor, modern decor, traditional decor, french country decor or shabby chic decor or an ecclectic style you call your own
· spa candle for your bathroom
· elegant candle for living room
· kitchen candle to add color
· romantic candle for the bedroom

The winner will get (1) 4x6 lantern candle and (2) 3x3 candles in their choice of patterns.

So you know the drill.
Become a follower = 1 entry already a follower, let me know

Visit my website and tell me your favorite item on the site and the candle pattern you would pick if you win = 1 entry

Twitter about the giveaway using @lovethedecor in the twitter blurb.Come back and tell me you twittered. =1 entry

For 2 extra entries, blog about this giveaway and give me the link

Please leave separate comments for each entry.

The winner will be chosen the old fashioned way (on strips of paper placed in a bowl) Tuesday November 3rd

Monday, October 26, 2009

Clocks: For More Than Just Telling Time

I love clocks! No not being ruled by the clock, Just clocks in general. There is just something about them. I probably have 15 clocks in my home (not counting all the digital ones around). I have round clocks and square clocks, old clocks and new clocks,unique clocks and ordinay clocks. Since I love decorating, I have used clocks to fill in where I just need a little something. They help complete many vignettes around the house. It is amazing how such a cute little accessory can bring a smile to me when I walk into a room. The best part is, when you come home with a new clock to decorate with, your hubby can't complain that you are being frivolous, You bought something with a purpose after all. If all of this talk of clocks has inspired you to get a new one, check out my website Here a just a few you will find there

Check back often more clocks coming soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Won!! I Won!!

Recently my friend Cheri from It's So Very Cheri hosted a fun giveaway from different vendors and I won an apron from the Hip Hostess. These gals do Aprons right and I love it! They also do tea towels and aprons for little girls. Please see for yourself how cute they are by clicking here
Today I was notified by Amy at ABCDDesigns that I won her HIP Hostess giveway!! I won again? I could not believe it!
Amy has a delightfully wonderful blog that will not disappoint! Thank You to Cheri, Amy and The Hip Hostess gals!! I feel like the best "dressed" cook in my kitchen. Give these gals a visit. They are lovely ladies and have wonderful blogs!!
Remember, with the holidays coming, Aprons or tea towels make wonderful hostess gifts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The great comeback of Damask and Toile

Have you noticed Damask and Toile prints are everywhere these days? I have seen these fabrics in window coverings, bedding, home accessories and furnishings, and yes, wallpaper. Once thought to be fabrics for formal environments, due in part to the tone on tones of silks in the patterns, these fabrics have evolved. The color choices are vast. Fabrics are softer, not only in silk as they once were, but cottons, and cotton blends, dyed to provide colors to fit most any decor.
Toile's have long been known to come from Europe but are now making their way to American manufacturers. The subtle scenes and soft coloring are reminders of days gone by and a simpler time. This adds to their appeal in this fast paced world we live in.
Blacks, whites, and creams seem to be the most popular. It is a good idea to remember that in these fabrics, a little goes a long way in home decorating. Because the patterns are often a large print, care should be given not to overwhelm the room in a mirage of "busyness". Often one item, such as drapery, or a large chair, maybe a few accent pillows, can be enough to make a statement. I don't know about you but I love this "new" look and am looking forward to using a bit of damask or toile in the master bedroom to refresh and update things there. The possibilities and color choices are endless For example can't you see building a room around this beautiful chair?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doors of Welcome

I am linking up with Karen from Some days are Diamonds today for the Doors of Welcome event. We are all showing off our doors dressed up and ready for fall!!!

You know, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. This applies to your home too. Many times we are so concerned about the inside of our homes, we forget the front porch or front door is actually the first thing people see of our home. So dress it up for the seasons and let it speak a warm welcome to your visiting friends and neighbors!

Welcome to my front porch... please excuse the crooked picture, I'm a decorator not a photographer :)
Color of paint: Sherwin Williams Red Barn SW7591

Just a close up view of some of the porch decor ( The bench was a do it yourself project) Please ignore the dust.

A close up of the wreath ( a closeout from At Home America)

And... one final view

Friday, October 9, 2009

Decorating Tips

As a Designer and Home Stager, I never tire of seeing the look on a client's face when a project is complete. They are always so excited with the result. When I start a consultation often times, there is doubt or even some fear and trepidation (especially from the husband). I try to explain my ideas as a series of projects to do over time. Many changes don't even have to involve money (this is when I usually get the hubby's attention). Sometimes all a home needs is to have the clutter taken out, or the furniture moved around a bit. A fresh coat of a paint can make all the difference and is relatively inexpensive. If you are planning to purchase a new piece of furniture soon I would recommend buying neutral staple pieces such as sofa, love, or a chair. By keeping the basics neutral, you are then free to bring color in with your accessories such as throws, pictures, table top items, pillows, and more. This allows you to also change colors for the seasons, and is much easier to redecorate with color down the road without a huge investment. I would also recommend investing in a few non color items such as metal art work that will go with anything and then scrimp on other accessories that can be changed without feeling bad, because they did not cost much. Filling your home with unique decor and things you love should be fun and is definately the way to help make your house a little more like home.
While updating the inside of the home don't forget to do a few pretty things on the outside too. This could be as easy as adding a wreath to the front door,that can be changed to match the season. With the fall season in full swing mums, pumpkins, and cornstalks are an inexpensive way to add charm and a welcoming feel to the front of your home.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get creative!

This is a revised post from back when I only had a few followers. It has been a busy week for me (2 new clients are keeping me hopping) So I thought I would visit the archives to find a post filled with great information and encouragement that some of my new followers would find helpful.( and if I am honest, to save myself some time :)
Get creative in your home decorating.
Mix things up a bit. Just because you have always had that item in that room, doesn't mean it needs to stay there. Often times when I have moved a chair from the living room to the family room for instance it looks new again. Same thing goes for a picture or other wall art. I recently moved a pair of wrought iron sconces out of the family room into the living room. When my girlfriends came over (who had been here many many times) they all thought I had gotten something new. It really can make a difference and revive the way you feel about your home. Don't be afraid to get creative and just mix it up a bit. Paint that wall, recover that chair, change the furniture around. Do not let your fear limit you or your creativity.
Another great idea would be to use an ottoman for a coffee table in front of your sofa. It can soften the feel in the room just by making that one change. For great looking ottoman or other items that might work for you, check out
Ottoman and footstools are great additions to any room. They often fill a dual purpose, they are pretty as well as useful by providing extra seating or filling an empty corner. Use a screen to divide an area or hide clutter Get creative and just loose that fear!