Friday, April 30, 2010

A gift for you!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

So, you have decided to purchase a chandelier,  you walk the aisles of your favorite lighting store and get confused... will it be too big? too small? is it the right style for my home? What color should I get? So many choices.
Finding the right chandelier Should not be so intimidating. 
Here are a few guidlines that should help. Remember they are just guidelines but really do help you get a sense for what you need. 
First look at all of the other lighting in the home, especially the lighting that will be near the new chandelier. Is it antique brown? bronze? aged bronze? Use existing lighting as the model for the finish and style for your new one. If you are going to replace lighting soon, then you have many more options. Go with a finish you like and build from there for the rest of the home’s lighting.
Finding the right size is crucial, you don’t want to put in one that is too small and have it look like an after thought. Nor do you want one so big it overwhelms the room. So here are some suggestions:
Measure the size of the room or area (entryway etc) 

~If the room is smaller than 10' by 10', a 17" to 20" diameter chandelier is recommended
~If the room is about 12' x 12', a 26" or 27" chandelier is best
          ~If the room is about 14' x 14', choose a 24" to 36" chandelier.
For an entry way or hall, the chandelier should hang at least 6-1/2 – 7 feet above the floor to allow people to walk comfortably beneath it. 

If your room has particularly high ceilings, you may need to hang your chandelier even higher to maintain harmony with the dimensions of the area
If the chandelier will be hanging in a dining room, measure the height and width of the table you plan to hang your new light fixture over.
 A dining room chandelier hung over a table should measure about 12 inches narrower than the dining table and have at least 48 inches of space from each of the room walls or edges.
A chandelier should hang about 30-36” from the surface of the table to insure no bumped heads, and to allow plenty of space for table centerpieces, and food. 

This height also provides the best illumination. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, be sure to mount the chandelier an additional 3 inches higher for each foot of ceiling. 

I highly recommend a dimmer switch especially in the dining room to create ambiance for dinner parties etc. It gives you the ability to make it brighter or darker depending on different tasks.

Remember these are just guidelines, many times the sales people in a lighting store are very helpful. Our local Lowes   has wonderful help in the lighting department. (no I am not getting paid to say that : )  Don't be afraid to ask questions. 
You are the customer and you deserve to be helped. Happy chandelier shopping.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


       This had been the lighting in my formal dining room since our house was built 13yrs ago.

   I remember being mad about not having a chandelier, thinking that eventually we would put one in.      Time went on (and on and on) Life was busy and it became one of those things you just don't notice unless company comes. Spending more time at home the last few years has me in the mood to redo and get things done. Funny how that happens. Anyway long story short . Guess what I got for my Anniversary last week? Yep this little beauty. 

 Because I couldn't just hang the chandy all by itself I had to have a medallion too. Since hubby was feeling extremely generous (it was our 28th anniversary after all) I picked one up.  
I started with this:

 and turned it into this
I will give you the how too later in the week
Tomorrow I will be posting How To info for finding the right chandelier including hanging tips etc so  Please come back
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Turning a House into a Home doesn't need to be Expensive

Just wanted to Thank everyone for your sweet comments about our new grandbaby Ezra. He is a sweetie. I am so behind in all of your posts and have a busy week ahead so I may take awhile to get to all of you. Because of the time issue I am doing a repost from last summer.  I felt it was worth a replay since I get questions about this sort of thing often and beacause, frankly, I'm exhausted
 (having a grandbaby is hard work  : )

Turning your house into a home doesn't need to involve a lot of money. Often times just a few small changes can make the difference. We get into a rut by thinking a certain way. The biggest thing to remember is just because "it" has always been that way doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Try placing sofas and love seats on angles and get them away from the walls. Use your end tables side by side as a coffee table. Stir things up a bit. Many times I will take all of the accessories out of a room and start over. Try taking them out of two rooms and mix it up even more. Emptying the room or rooms and beginning again gives you a fresh perspective. Maybe you love the furniture arrangement, but the room just feels blah, try to bring in a brand new color by adding it in three places in the room. For example if the room is mostly browns and greens, add a punch of red. You can do this by repainting an accessory you already have, (there are some wonderful spray paints out there) finding pillows or a throw at a discount store, or repainting just one wall. remember it is best to add the "new" color in at least 3 places in the room to create continuity and flow.
I think you are starting to get the picture. Speaking of pictures, the most common mistake I see in homes is that pictures are hung way too high. This makes the room feel disjointed and takes away from the flow of the room. A good rule of thumb when hanging art is to pretend it is a mirror and you are looking into the mirror. If you cannot get a good view of yourself in the"mirror" it is too high.
Don't forget about lighting in your room. We all know that lighting can add to the ambiance of your room, so be sure that you use soft light and not harsh glaring light.
Do not be afraid to experiment and bring a friend over for a fresh set of eyes. Often times a friend will notice something that we could change, that we have not even noticed in our day to day living.
If you try to think outside the box a bit you can create the home you have always wanted. Remember, you are limited only by your creativity and imagination. Do not be afraid of change. Often times in all areas of my life not just in decorating, change is good!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


As I drive away to go back home and leave baby Ezra in the very capable hands of his mommy and daddy, I have tears streaming down my face. ( really I'm sobbing like a baby) I could stay here with them forever. Yet, I have the rest of the family and other responsibilities at home waiting for me to come and take care of them now. I just find it so hard to leave and I don't ever want to let go of this sweet baby. I want to hold on to him forever!! It struck me, that this is how it is with God, once he has a hold of us he never wants to let us go.  Isn't that a great picture. He will never leave us or let go of us. He just keeps holding on wanting to stay with us forever. Happy Sunday. May you feel the Lord holding onto you today!!
I'm pretty sure he is saying "grandma, do you really have to go home today"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Proud grandma and more photos

As promised more photos of Ezra James Kettleson. He is just perfect!! We brought him home Tuesday afternoon and he, mommy, daddy, and of course grandma are settling in just fine!!  I feel so blessed to be able to spend the next few days helping this "new" family and getting to know my 1st grandchild.
Enjoy the photos.
                                                 Grandmas first view of new baby above

Very proud grandma

Proud mommy

Daddy meets his son

Mommy,baby, aunties, and grandma

Very proud Grandma and Grandpa.
Okay this is where you say wow you don't look old enough to be grandparents : )
Not looking too bad for being up for about 25 hours. This little sweetie took his sweet time joining the world. It has been such a joy and even the waiting wasn't bad. (daughter may disagree)
We had moments of sharing, laughter, and even some tears as we remembered my dad (he passed away in dec.) This would have been his first great grandchild... bittersweet moments. We are so blessed and very happy that Ezra James is in our family. Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes and friendship. I appreciate you all.
                                                                   Going Home
A baby is a sure sign that there is a God. The miracle of birth has His fingerprint all over it.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

He's Here!!

Here he is!!
Our first grandchild born this morning at 8:27 am
7 pounds 6 ounces 21" long
Mom and baby are doing well
More info and pictures soon!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

This and that

Just random thoughts rolling around in my mind today.
It has been a busy week and I have not had time to get that flooring post up as promised, so we will shoot for next week.
Today is Tiffany's (our oldest daughter) due date... wonder if I will a grandma today?
How did I get here? it seems like yesterday she was 2 and now she is going to be someone's mommy... weird
I have a new client the biggest home I have ever staged. Almost 4,000 sq ft ...YIKES
It is supposed to be 70 today I think spring may have finally sprung in the great Pacific Northwest 
Getting ready to replace our carpet and flooring... why is it I can help everyone else decide but can't make up my own mind?
See full size imageI could keep going but would rather not bore you to tears so hope you have a lovely weekend!!
May God grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, 
a moonbeam to charm you, 
a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.
Laughter to cheer you. 
Faithful friends near you. 
And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dishing it

Amanda @serenity now is having a party
She said:  "one of my favorite things ever is having a girlfriend over for coffee and dishing over anything and everything. That's what Dishing It! is going to be all about: getting to know other bloggers."

So here are the questions she would like us to answers today.
How long have you been blogging?
~Why did you start blogging?
~Tell me about your blog's title.
~Why did you choose it?
~What do you blog about?
~What is your favorite thing about blogging?
~If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next 
    devoted reader, who would you pick
~What's the funniest comment you've ever received on a blog post?                                                       

Okay here goes....
I have been blogging regularly for about 1 1/2 years. I started blogging as a way to bring traffic and business to my on line store Love the It has become so much more than that though.
Since I am a decorator and home stager, my goal for my clients is to "love the decor" when I am finished with a project, so the name for both my blog and on line store was an easy one to come up with.
I love to blog about home decor and design tips, but I also love to share what ever might be happening in my life or on my heart once in a while too. I feel it is vital for a successful blog to add a personal touch every now and then so your readers can connect and feel like they know you.
My favorite thing about blogging is all of the wonderful people out there that I may never have met if not for blogging.
One famous person I would love to have follow my blog would be Candice Olson of Divine Design
Ok...  now its your turn, head on over to Amanda's and link up

Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't be afraid of paint

Do you find yourself staring at white walls wishing for the courage to add color? Paint is one of the least expensive ways to add color and change the feel of a room. There are so many wonderful colors out there, that picking a color can be challenging.
Start by looking at the colors you love from a chair or drapery in your room. Once you narrow down your favorites, go to your local paint store and pick up samples. Take them back home and lay them up against the item you are trying to match. Once you have a match, take the sample around the room and make sure it will go with everything in the room. You now have the color you can paint the room with. If you are not having luck this way, take the fabric that has the color you like in it to the paint store and have it color matched. Remember, color is one of the least expensive ways to change the decor and warm up a room. Lose that fear and just do it. You won’t be sorry. Paint can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.
I do offer paint consulting to help you get just the right color for your room. For more information about this leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you with the details.
Join me Wednesday for more flooring info as I talk about reclaimed wood floors.
Don't miss spring fling a day of giveaways



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Something Old

Isn't it a beauty? She belonged to my grandparents and has a Furniture by John since 1891 stamp on the inside. I did a little research though and I think this one is from the 1930's. When my father passed away in December this became mine and I love it!! It has lots of stains and marks on it but for now I think I am going to leave it as is. We brought it home and cleaned off the layers of dust, added some orange oil and I think it looks pretty good. I was amazed at how well it matches the dining room table and I love all the detail on this piece.

Gorgeous but definitely needs a bit of decorating. So.... I shopped my house and came up with this

I robbed the lamps from our bedroom, the pear from the kitchen, and everything else I took out of the powder room. Since I pretty much stripped it, I then had to shop the house to redecorate the powder room. I absolutely love how it turned out.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flooring Series part 3

First just a reminder to enter my giveaway here.  It ends Sunday

Okay now for the flooring topic. Today we are talking about concrete flooring. I bet when you read this you thought of sidewalks or patios and went yuk! Who would do that inside? The truth is many people.
Concrete has become a new material of choice for designers and homeowners alike.
The look is such that you have probably already been on some beautiful floors and never even knew they were concrete.
Concrete is very durable and yet affordable. The hard surface can last a lifetime and withstand the daily traffic, spills, etc that come from family life. Concrete can be painted, glossed, stained, stamped, or etched to match any decor. Concrete can also be cut and textured to look like tile, yet concrete is much easier on the wallet compared to other flooring choices.
It is a wonderful option for people with allergies and is easy to maintain. concrete flooring is beneficial to the environment and a green building choice. Slow to heat up and cool down, stained concrete can reduce utility bills. Also, because they use the foundation already poured, they eliminate the need to cut down trees or use materials, like carpets, which consume large amounts of energy to manufacture.
Common questions people have are: 
Is it loud, is it cold, is it hard to clean?
Concrete floors can be loud and produce an echo effect, but no more so than ceramic tile, natural stone flooring, and some hardwood or bamboo floors.

Yes, concrete can be cold, but no more so than ceramic tile or natural stone flooring. You do have the option with concrete flooring to install radiant heating cables so you can keep the floors warm and control the temperatureWhile concrete floors are relatively easy to maintain,  they aren't completely maintenance free. How much maintenance your floor will need depends on the amount of traffic it receives and the type of finish you have chosen.

Acid stained concrete floor

     The possibilities are endless when it comes to concrete 
flooring. From coloring the concrete to etching and stamping, the designs you can come up with are limited only by your imagination.

  • Commercial Floors Extreme Concrete Designs East Setauket, NY
    Extreme Concrete Designs
    near New York City, NY
  • Surface Design Solutions Atlanta, GA
    Surface Design Solutions
    in Atlanta, GA
  • Concrete Floors Chicago Concrete Solutions, Inc. Chicago, IL
    Chicago Concrete Solutions, Inc.
    in Chicago, IL
  • Concrete Floors Kemiko Concrete Stain Leonard, TX
    photo courtesy of concrete network

Monday, April 5, 2010

CSN Stores and a Giveaway!! *CLOSED*

Have you heard  of CSN? If not you need to check them out!!!
CSN is a website that has over 200 online stores. Yes 200! You can find anything from tv stands to storage items, toys to tools and everything in between. Lamps, bedding, clocks, cookware, chandeliers, rugs, and more!
I received an email from CSN stores asking if I’d be interested in hosting a giveaway on my blog. I took a look at several of their sites and liked what I saw. The prices are very reasonable and many of items are shipped free.
CSN Stores LLC is a fast-growing, privately-held company offering customers the best online shopping available for home and office goods. A $200 million company, CSN is made up of more than 200 online niche shops offering a huge selection of products. They have items for budget-minded shoppers, luxury seekers and everyone in between.  So now to the giveaway part
They are giving away a set of these cute pillows to one of my lucky followers.
Cotton Tale Lizzie Pillow Pack

The Lizzie Pillow Pack is multi-colored, soft, warm, inviting and Very spring like!! Set of three fabric covered pillows and each in a unique size and print. 

Ok here are the rules:

Here’s how you can get 5 chances to win
1.  Comment and tell me how you’d use these pillows. Would you keep them or use them as   
 a gift? If you don’t have a blog you must leave an email address.
2.  You must be a follower so please become one I would love to have you. Leave a comment telling me you are a follower   
3. Tweet with a link to the giveaway and leave a link or  your twitter name in your comment.
4.  FOR 2 chances, post about the giveaway on your blog, make sure you link back to the giveaway, and leave a link or your blog name in the comment.
The giveaway will end at 6:00pm PST on Sunday April 11th and the winner will be announced Monday morning 
April 12TH.
Good Luck!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Move over Paula Deen....

The Love the Decor lady cooks... Since I did a bunch of spring cleaning last week, I decided someone besides us should be witness to all my hard work aka a clean house : )
So we had friends for dinner Saturday. On the menu: Steak (on the BBQ) grilled fresh asparagus, roasted red potatoes, green salad and homemade mozzarella cheese bread. We had death by chocolate brownies and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. It was so much fun! We sat around the table laughing and talking for hours. Then so as not to let all that "clean go tot waste, we also had guests for Easter Brunch. Which consisted of home made cinnamon rolls, quiche, ham and fresh fruit salad. Are you drooling yet?
Hubby and I used to have people over on a regular basis for meals and somehow over the years, with our jobs consuming us, busyness of raising children, and plain ole laziness on my part, we just got out of the habit. One of the aspects of making our houses feel like home is that vital relationship with others. Not only is the fellowship necessary, our children will be moving on some day, and we need to continue to nurture our friendships so that we still have friends when the kids do move on. I guess for us it was the weekend for entertaining and hanging out with great friends. Not to mention all of the cooking, which I love to do. I find it relaxing to putz around in the kitchen with some music playing and just doing my own thing in my own little world. It sparked in me, a new commitment to get out of the "slump" and start making our home a gathering place once again a priority.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Please join me Tuesday for more on my flooring series.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Please watch this fitting and appropriate reminder of what we are
celebrating this weekend
and know that the story has a happy ending. 
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Part 2 in the flooring series

Lets talk about Cork. No, not these little babies that top your wine bottle.
But cork as it relates to flooring. As you know, I have started a small series introducing the different flooring options out there and a bit about them. Today I hope to teach you a bit about cork flooring. 
Lets start with the basics and go on from there.
So what is cork?
Cork is actually the outer bark of a tree, which grows in the Mediterranean. Cork forests are carefully managed. Portugal produces 50% of the worlds cork supply.
The cork oak tree is not destroyed and then replanted but rather the bark is trimmed from the tree every 9 years, leaving the tree and the forest undamaged. Its not unusual to have a 200 year old tree still producing cork bark. Cork flooring is actually made from the waste of the cork wine stopper manufacturing process so cork flooring is a recycled product. Cork bark is still harvested from the tree in a centuries old tradition with hand tools. 

Cork flooring is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the leading alternative types of flooring. Why? Because beside cork being an environmentally sound material,It has a wealth of other natural features that appeal to homeowners. A floor made from cork serves to provide style and class to any home that it is installed in. Many people when they think of cork flooring assume it’s easily damaged and cannot withstand sufficient wear and tear; however the truth is the complete opposite. One of the main characteristics of cork flooring is its ability to resist pressure and impact. Since the cork itself has a honeycomb cellular structure, it can be compressed up to 40% and return back to its original shape. This allows cork flooring to hold-up well to foot traffic and pressure from furniture. However, as with any flooring material you should use furniture pads underneath the legs.
Cork is very good at sound resisting and even muffling noise. Unlike other wood product floors you won’t get any creaks or groans as the wood ages.
Cork is an excellent insulator for heat and air conditioning. Many manufactures even produce cork underlayments for ceramic tiles to increase the insulation capacity of that flooring type. You won’t find any cold feet in the winter months with cork flooring.
Maintaining cork floors is simple and very minimal. Just sweep and mop regularly, you will want to lightly sand every few years and also re-coat the surface with urethane. This also make cork a great option for bathrooms. You can read more about the care of cork flooring by visiting our cork floor maintenance page.
A few negative points: the resilience of cork flooring is also its weakness. There is great risk in permanently damaging your floor with sharp and heavy objects if left on your floor for long periods of time. Items such as furniture and appliances will of course be the culprits so protect your floor by using padding under the pressure points of your heavy necessities. Beware that sunlight also plays hazard to cork flooring. Since cork is a natural product direct sunlight will cause color to fade over time. Age will affect change in color as well.All in all the benefits and beauty far out way the negative points. Cork floors are stunning and until you see them in person it is hard to imagine just how beautiful they are.