Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas wishes and other stuff

I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!! It is going to get a bit crazy and already has been, as we are trying to plan dad's service and have Christmas at our house too. I will not be blogging much until after the first of the year, but I will check in from time to time.
I also wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers in the loss of my Father. I can definitely feel them.
Some of you asked about my dad, so here is a bit of info. I just had a comment from a friend who said" what a precious daddy you had ... I love how he made everyone feel special" He was a wonderful man. He spent most of his life in radio broadcast journalism and advertising. He was active in community theater and starred in roles with Edie Adams, Soupy Sales, Leonard Nemoy and more. He loved being in the spotlight and loved music. Standing at 6'4" tall and not a small man people remembered him. His quick wit was often what drew people to him.
He lost a leg a few years ago and has declined steadily since. Many times over the years he would fall ill and go into long term care and then get to come home again. Lately he had not been caring for himself at all, so when the call came that he was going into the hospital I being the oldest was ready for a fight to not let him come home again. Now for those of you who are gasping at this. his quality of life was poor. At least in a long term facility he would get the medical care he needed and have a social life.
However this was not to be. He had hidden from us just how ill he was and once in the hospital went down hill fast. Pray for us. I have 2 sisters and a brother but most of the burden of this has fallen on Myself and my hubby. He and my mom divorced years ago. There was no will and things are complicated.
In spite of it all, It is still Jesus's birthday and we are choosing to be joyful and celebrate knowing my Daddy is celebrating Christmas in style.
May you hug those you love a little tighter this holiday season and try not to sweat the small stuff.
Merry Christmas my friends! You are a blessing to me more than you know!


  1. Debbie my heart aches for you my dear friend.. I truly know that this is not easy even in the rejoicing with Jesus.. My prayer is for your entire family to come together for the greater good, for things to go smoothly for the service and the complicated things that you deal with when a person goes to Jesus. I pray that you find peace and solace and that the Lord uplift you by holding you in His lap. May you bask in that and look only to His face as you seek the comfort that He can provide.

    I am so very sorry. Please know that I am here for you if you want to reach out. My heart breaks for the journey that you will go on, but know this.. God will be there with you on this journey and He will be your saving grace. He was mine with my mom. Of course He still is! But going through something like this calls us to ensure that we cling ever so tightly to God, to family, to friends.


  2. oh girl...I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is with you...and you are all in my prayers.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the friendship we have begun...your comments always make me smile...and I do love to read your posts.
    Merry Christmas my friend and a safe and happy new year!

  3. Hugs are coming to you and prayers! I loved hearing about your Daddy and what a sweet and precious Man that I would have enjoyed knowing! He is having the best Christmas with Jesus! I lost my Dad 3 years ago on November 20th and it was a very difficult Christmas. I know that you will make it thru, not easily, but you will make it thru will the love of your family. If you need to talk to someone who has walked in those same shoes... I am here for you:) Have a blessed day and keep in touch!

  4. I am so sorry! I know that pain in a small way. Losing a dad is so painful. I am the oldest too and so I am aware of all that falls on your shoulders. What a difficult time to say good bye to a loved one. I am committed to praying for you and your family. I really appreciated reading this post. I hope somehow in some way, God brings you some special blessings this Christmas, in the midst of your tears.

  5. just a quick visit to say Merry Christmas to you my friend and a very happy new year

  6. Debbie,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...the loss of a parent is so hard (I lost my dad 13 years ago). Please know that I will be praying for you and your entire family and yes your dad is celebrating Christmas in style. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  7. Debbie,

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family. Losing a family member is so difficult and the added stress of dealing with the details afterward can be very unpleasant. I hope that you can remain calm through this storm and you and your family can find peace in knowing that your father has moved on to a wonderful place.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    God Bless,

  8. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Debbie. I also just lost my father on the 17th of December. It's been difficult, but I know God will carry us through these difficult days.