Monday, November 15, 2010

Wide Plank Flooring

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Last Spring I did a series on flooring. You can see that here . Since then I have been contacted by various flooring companies wanting to give me information or sell me something.
Most, I have ignored, but since I have a fascination with wide plank flooring, this one caught my eye. 
It is from a Company called Carlisle.
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is known in the industry as having the widest and longest flooring planks available.  Carlisle meets the desires of home owners by offering an array of premium wood flooring sizes, custom made up to 20 inches in width
According to the National Association of Remodeling (NARI), the industry is observing a drive toward rustic and authentic design of which reclaimed floors with wider planks play a large role.
Reminiscent of old New England country homes and colonials, wide plank floors authenticate rustic and natural indoor environments. With the ever growing popularity in wood floors, wide plank flooring is well worth exploring.
Early New England settlers had it right when they incorporated wide plank flooring into their small homes.  Wider floors open up most rooms, creating an illusion of more space, even if parameters are tight. Because wide planks leave fewer joint lines, a wide plank floor looks less choppy and allows onlookers’ eyes to admire the wood’s detailing. Furthermore, a wider floor improves a room’s beauty and significantly increases its value as larger widths are more desirable and unique.  
Here is  bit about the process too:

Each board is selectively sawn from the heart of the tree, containing the densest and most beautiful vertical grain. Staying true to 200-year-old traditional sawing methods, Carlisle planks are then put through an extensive drying process of up to 12 months to avoid undue tension on the wood. The extended drying period paired with the use of heartwood ensures maximum stability which is especially imperative for wider boards.

Carlisle floors are not only custom-made to meet the consumer’s aesthetic wishes, but the floors are structurally superior. Because Carlisle craftsmen use only the sturdy center of old growth trees, the floors do not experience cupping or twisting, a problem often encountered with lesser quality wide planks.

If you are looking into wood flooring for you home in the near future I would recommend checking out this company.

For more information about sizing options or to find the nearest Carlisle showroom location, call 1.800.595.9663 or visit


  1. Wow! I do love the gorgeous flooring Debbie! ;)

  2. It's gorgeous! Love wide plank rustic looking flooring! Sooooo pretty!

  3. That is a gorgeous floor in that picture, Debbie! I love wood floors and I do prefer a wider plank myself.

    How funny about your post causing you to get inundated with phone calls. Good to know. Maybe we should put at the bottom of our posts that unless they are offering their product installed in our homes for an unbiased review at their expense, please don't try to sell me. : ) Bet that would cut down on the phone calls pretty quickly!

  4. Wide plank flooring is a beautiful option to go with. I recently renovated my home and am very happy that I decided to go with the wide plank flooring!

  5. Hi Debbie. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to come and visit but I just wanted to thank you for your sweet birthday message. You made my day!

    Best wishes for a wonderful Thursday,

  6. I just love our wide plank pine flooring!! I'm so glad that we decided to use it in our home, as I feel it gives our house character, and it doesn't look like everyone else's house on the block, with their engineered hardwood and laminate floors from the local Home Depot!
    Plus, it's really beautiful, and has that old classic New England farmhouse look that I love!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!