Thursday, August 11, 2011

Decorating the space above cabinets

I loved these great tips from Pier 1 for decorating that wonderful space above our kitchen cabinets.

It always helps to measure the space from cabinet-top to the ceiling so you know what will fit.
If you have something taller than that space, maybe it can be tilted against the wall. If you have small pieces that will look dwarfed in that space, you have an excuse to go shopping. We, of course, recommend checking out Pier 1 for trays, serving bowls, chargers, vases and other oversized décor—you’ll find something to fit in perfectly.

Big Ideas & Big Helpers

When we asked our own designers to decorate above a cabinet, they took the assignment in three different directions—fresh & fruity, beach house natural and tropical color. Even though each look is different, you can see the tricks that work for all three displays:
Click to EnlargeCool & Collected: This is the place for your favorite collection. Is it novelty plates? Antique cookie jars? Mouth-blown glass bottles? Hand-woven baskets? Put it out there. Your collection is the theme for your display. It’s what makes it special. Best of all, you can fill in any gaps with new purchases. Sounding good already, huh?
Pull it all together: Maybe your theme is a color or material that gets repeated throughout your display. Spots of red unify our tropical vignette. Natural fibers like rattan and wood are repeated in the beach house setting. Or you can arrange garland or ivy along the length of the cabinet top to visually link everything.

Click to EnlargeCreate focal points: Remember, everything will be viewed from a distance so it’s important to have a few bold, oversized items. (Or do what we did: set a tray on end to create height.) Tall items will draw the eye up and become natural focal points. Then you can set smaller pieces in front for an artful arrangement that avoids looking random or too formal.
Make it easy on yourself: For naturally colorful touches, use silk florals and sculptured fruit instead of fresh. This will keep you from having to climb a step stool every couple of days.

Click to EnlargeIn season: We know people who change their entire display with each season. But if you have everything just the way you like it, simply add a few things for an instant update. It could be as easy as mixing in a summer garden lantern, then replacing it with a harvest wreath for autumn. And with Pier 1 holiday décor, you can always find pieces to make your display sparkle.
Click each photo to enlarge.

Our Soffit Side

If you live in an older home, chances are you have soffits—filled-in areas between the tops of cabinets and the ceiling. We think this is no excuse to not decorate. In fact, we think you’re in possession of prime display space.
With some wire plate hangers from the hardware store, you can show off a collection of hand-painted plates or blue & white porcelain. Mix in a wall clock or a small, wrought-iron accent piece. Really, the options are wide open here. Look around Pier 1’s wall décor collection and you’ll get a few new ideas in no time.


  1. I have roosters and chickens above my cabinets:) Love being able to look up and see pretties! Have a blessed day dear Debbie, HUGS!

  2. Great ideas! Right now I only have two Roosters above my cabinets. This gave me some more ideas! Thanks :)

  3. Great tips. This is one of my hated spaces. UGH! I struggle with this, but I recently filled in some space with antique crocks and a collection of white pitchers from my MIL's house. I also have a few decorative plates up there.