Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathrooms Renovation info

The bathroom is one of the most popular home "redo" projects. Some homeowners seek to create a luxurious spa like bathroom, while others plan basic updating to add value to their homes. Did you know that the average bathroom renovation is $5,000 but can climb to $25,000 for a high end project? Remodeling a dated or "plain" bathroom can get you a 60% + return on your investment.
Here are a few tips for updating or remodeling your bathroom.
1) Choose your color well. Stick with neutrals. Especially if you plan to sell in the near future. If you love bold color add it in with towels, rugs, and accessories instead.
2) Know the  building codes for your area. Apply for them early and get quotes and bids for all of the parts you will not be doing yourself.
3)Keep lighting in mind. You want as much natural light as possible, after all, it is where we get ready for each day. Think about the option of a sky light if there are no windows.
4) Maintain the same foot print. Moving walls can be costly as is moving sinks or toilets. Upgrade them but do not move the plumbing if at all possible to keep the cost down.
5) Do as much as you can yourself
6) Save money on cabinets. Refinish what you have or buy ready made vs custom.
7) Think function first, pretty 2nd. Remember why you are redoing the room in the first place and use that as a guideline
8) Don't feel like you need the "best " in everything. Check 2nd hand stores and discount sections to find great quality items at a discounted price. Use Faux finishes when you can to save a few bucks. 
Remember this is a project and will take time. Have fun and enjoy the process


  1. I am itching to do some changes around my house:) Hope you and your family are having a great start to the Summer! HUGS!

  2. Those are awesome ideas! Yes, indeed, projects take time and patience too!

  3. That photo looks fantastic! Whoever designed such a bathroom must have years of experience in home interior design. Great read, keep it up!!

    -Irwin Zinkin