Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Choose Joy

Ever have one of those months where every time you turn around something is breaking?
For me it started with the ice maker in our fridge and then a spring in a recliner broke. Not big things, and the part is already here for the ice maker, the recliner is repaired under warranty. A few days go by and the oven door explodes. Yes Explodes. It was not being used, just on warm, no food in it and the glass just blows out all over the place. So, 17 year old oven now needs to be replaced, went to get one and of course it has to be ordered (we live in a small town) but yay new oven on the way. Next the air conditioning system breaks down. After the 3rd service visit it is now told that we need a whole new system. Yikes, what is going on here. (well it is 15 years old)  Next morning the toaster quits working and today the fan that we use in our bedroom breathed it's last. I have two choice here, I can be upset and angry or I can be thankful for the things I do have, like food and shelter and a loving family. 
You see, in my thinking about all of this, yes, it is costly and yes a lot of things happened at once but really they are all just minor inconveniences. There are people all around me that have lost jobs or lost homes in huge forest fires, there are folks who don't even know where the next meal is coming from. My issues are small compared to those things. It is all about perspective and attitude. You see, we can deal with our circumstances in anger or resentment or we can choose JOY in spite of our circumstances. I am choosing Joy 

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  1. I choose Joy too:) We have had a run of stuff going wrong around here! Some can be fixed (at a cost) or replaced at a higher cost! I too am thankful for what I have, including good health! So many can't say that! BIG HUGS and prayers beings sent to you dear friend!