Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm going away for several days. I'm going to where it's warm and tropical
90 degrees when I last checked

I'm going to be doing some of this...

And some of this...

and even this...

Have you figured out where we are going and what we are doing?
Here's a hint

We are leaving Friday morning with a team of 29 to build a church, run a medical team, and run a kids club/vacation bible
school. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you when we get back.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Memories

Well, we are back from the long weekend. Sad, I know, but all fun things must come to an end. It was a much needed break from things around here and we had a blast. Taking regular vacations and long weekends with our family and friends over the years has been a great way to create an abundance of wonderful memories. My friend Lori and I were discussing how many years we have had this tradition and although we couldn't come up with a definate number we both know it has been about 15 yrs. Our kids were all sitting around the table laughing about things that had happened over the years and they laughed about different milestones in thier lives they had shared. It just warms my "mommy heart" to know that this tradition has been a treasure for them as they have grown. Our group is growing now as our children now bring boyfriends/ husbands who join us now. We are all excited by the fact that next year we will have a baby joining us (my first grandbaby). This little baby is being claimed by Lori's family as well. Imagine coming into the world already being loved by not just your real family but others who also say they are your grandma/grandpa and aunts and uncles. Try to create an environment in your families that foster love, and create memories.
Our children need to know they have people who love and care for them beyond just mom and dad. I believe that in this day and age it really does take a village to raise a child. It is working in my family.
Here are a few snapshots of our weekend away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Off for a long weekend

I'm off with family and friends for a traditional long weekend at Lake Chelan. There is lots to do there, but mostly we play games go sledding/skiing and eat way too much. It will be a weekend to relax, filled with lots of laughter. See you when we get back!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't forget to enter

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Cheri is always working on something and shares it with all of us. From sponsoring a contest,providing decorating advice, to her weekly featured items you will never be bored at Cheri's blog. She encourages participation and makes blogging fun.
She had a fun project a few weeks back that I thought was darling. She used vintage sleds to decorate with and embellished them with gloves that she also decorated. Here is a picture of that project
click here to see more of this cute project. The gloves are just so very cute! Hurry over to Cheri's blog to get signed up for this great giveaway. If you are not a follower of hers you should sign up today. You will be glad you did.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year New Look

Now that Christmas and the holiday season is over, the decorations are safely tucked away, are you looking around your home and seeing emptiness and almost a feeling of lifelessness? It may be time to make just a few simple changes, to bring some life back into your home.
Can’t afford to redecorate? Take a look at how you live and what you have. Rearrange your furniture to better suit your lifestyle. Chances are if you are like most people, your funiture "has always been this way". Changing it up a bit can make it feel new again.Take a good look at your wall art and accessories and try things in different rooms. Don't forget the bathrooms and your entry way too. It’s possible to get a new look by using what you have, and not spending a cent. Now that's decorating advice that any Hubby will love. If you are still needing new life in your room, try changing the paint on even just one wall. You will be amazed at how this one thng can create a whole new feel to your space. Hot colors for 2010 include bright or warm yellows, soft blues and turquoise, lavender for bedrooms and slate or charcoal grays to replace tan and beige tones as popular neutrals. Try to incorporate one new color somewhere in your home this year. Have fun and don't be afraid to change things up a bit.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog giveaway at it's so very cheri's place

Did you know my friend Cheri at It's so Very Cheri is having a giveaway for a free advertising spot for a month
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painted Floors

Decorative painting of wood floors has become quite popular in the past few years. In today's tough economy do it your selfers are cutting back and finding different ways to create a wonderful home for less money. Panting an existing floor is one great way to do this. A painted floor can transform a common space into a unique and beautiful expression of your personality. You can paint entry floors, laundry rooms, dining areas, anywhere you want a unique new look.
Painting offers an inexpensive, fast way to cover up a wood floor that may need work. It offers a number of interesting decorating options for formal and informal rooms. And, while it might be a bit of work to undo and go back to natural wood, it is possible.
The possibilities are endless as far as pattern and color go. From two-tone stripes to checkerboard, or a stenciled border, you are limited by only your imagination.
If painting a floor seems intimidating, it's a good idea to do your first one in an out-of-the-way bedroom or less used room. Try to remember that the same rules apply to painting a floor as to any other project you attemp. Be prepared and don't expect perfection. Have fun!
Different floors require different prep work so be sure to check with your painting professional to help you get started and create a unique floor that reflects your unique style.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Create an Environment of Comfort

Now that the Christmas decorations are neatly tucked away and things at home look a little bare, it is time to evaluate your rooms and make sure they are saying to you all that you want to convey to your family and friends. Does your home say "don't touch, you might mess me up" or does it say "come in, have a cup of coffee and stay awhile."
I don't know about you, but I hope the latter is true. Some times we can get so wrapped up in creating a beautiful home, that we forget the "comfort" part of the beauty.
Several years ago I sold furniture in a high end design store. I had a gentleman come in looking for a few chairs. In the course of visiting with him, he shared with me the purpose of the search. His children were getting older and he realized how quickly time was going. He wanted to make sure that in the family room there was enough seating for every member of the family. You see to him, it was important that every family member have a place to call their own, a place to be when they all gathered as a family to play a game or watch a movie together. He felt that if there was not enough seating the kids would retreat to their rooms and hide away rather than hang out with the family. Now, he knew that hanging in their room was normal teenage behavior, but he was doing his best to create the environment that would draw them in and keep them around a little bit more often.
I never had the opportunity to check back with him to see if his goal was accomplished, but I have always remembered this. I have tried to create a family space where everyone feels at home. Here is a list of a few things that have helped me to do this
1. Make sure there are enough places to sit .
2. Make sure every area has a place to lay a book or set a glass down.
3. Make the main "hangout" area less formal (perhaps feet on the coffee table could be okay here)
4. Keep a basket of throws and blankets close by for snuggling up with
5. Remember, that others live here and it is not all about me. I can be "anal" about a lot of things, but everyone needs to be
comfortable and feel like they belong
6. Learn to relax and just be... (You have heard me say this before) When mom is relaxed, it sets the tone for the entire
I am sure you could add your own ideas to the list (and I would love to hear them). All in all it is just good to remember that home is and should be a refuge from the outside world, where each member feels loved cherished and comfortable.
How this is created is different for everyone. Won't you join me in making our homes such a place?
Happy New Year! May blessings abound for each of you!