Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a "funny" for your Wednesday!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Check out our other vbsstuff fIt is Vacation Bible School at our church this week, so I am off to help. It's  always such a fun week in the life of our church. As of yesterday we had over a hundred and sixty kids registered,  I am pretty sure we will hit two hundred when it is all said and done.
I will pop in when and if I can.
Oh by the way, dental surgery went very well thanks to your prayers. I didn't get too freaked out. Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words. I appreciate it so much!
Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dental Surgery...Ick

Just wanted to say Hi
Is anyone besides me having a hard time keeping up in 
blogland this summer ?
I am trying to get around to all of you but it's tough. 
If  I don't leave a comment,  just know 
I am still here and still following : )  Just a little bit busy.

Just wanted to let you know also I am off for a few days to have 
some much needed dental surgery .I am a big chicken about this
 kind of thing. 
I would rather do almost anything than go to the dentist
I am praying for peace and calm and a speedy recovery 
Hope you will too (PLZ : )

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bedroom Makeover... A work in progress

The bedroom transformation has been a few years in the making(in my mind at least) We still had the "contractor" white walls from 13yrs ago. Somehow our room became the catch all of the house and never really seemed inviting. Our furniture is from the early eighties and a hodgepodge of odds and ends.
The new bedding I received for my birthday a few weeks ago, finally spurred me on to do something in this very neglected room.
So we started with the paint. I picked a creamy color from Valspar called Moose Mousse for the ceiling and Universal Umber for the walls.
We found this great iron headboard and footboard from a garage sale for $40.00 It also has an iron canopy piece that we will show you after it gets repaired. I ended up taking the eighties dresser outside and painting it (more on that process in a later post) I will be replacing the hardware  too. Here are the before pictures.
See what I mean about the storage(junk) and hodgepodge room
This is not a "true" before because the old bedding has been replaced by the new.

Gotta love the eighties furniture : ) 

The clock above was a gift from a friend(love it)
This picture is just to let you see the "great "headboard
(It was a water bed leftover : )

Okay now for some better pictures

Nothing above the bed yet, because the metal canopy will fill in the space

The dresser is still a work in progress

Aside from the blue carpet (that I have to live with) I love this room!
I will continue to share the progress with the decorating as I go along
Did you notice the lamps? They are the same lamps in the before pictures, with new lamp shades. I got them at Lowe's on clearance for $7.48 each. A great way to make an old lamp look new again.

Linking to the following parties:
The winner of the $60.00 
CSN gift card give away chosen by is #60 
My Photo
Kim @ Savvy Southern Style  
Kim has a wonderful blog and she is an all around sweetheart.
Congrats to Kim and thank you to all who entered. Kim I will be giving your email to CSN Stores and they will contact you to give you your gift card info. Enjoy!! 
I hope you will all check back later today for the Master bedroom reveal!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last day to enter the CSN giveaway*CLOSED*

Hallmart Seville Comforter SetBeen super busy this past week and weekend redoing my bedroom but I wanted to remind you that Sunday is the last day to enter to win a $6o.oo gift card from CSN stores click here to get entered.

Remember this bedding my daughters and son-in-law surprised me with  a few weeks ago?
Well that, and a super find on a garage sale iron bed have spurred on a major redecorating project so stay tuned for the before and after pictures. Coming in the next few days.
Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Father's Day weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CSN Stores is doing it again! *CLOSED*


CSN stores is doing it again! They are giving one of my readers a
$60.00 gift card to use on anything in any of their 200 + stores. If you haven't heard of CSN stores yet, you are in for a treat. Just about anything you can imagine is available in one of their stores. From tools to rugs, clocks to vases, from lamps to furniture. They have bedding and bedroom furniture such as night stands and great Platform beds. They even have a site that sells purses and shoes. Whatever you are looking for, CSN stores will not disappoint.
Here are a few of my favorite things from their stores
Linon Zebra Print Arm Chair - 36053NBLK-01-KD
Lite Source Greco Table Top in Dark Bronze/Antique Gold
Hillsdale Dio 4-Piece Black Bedroom Set
Now for the rules:
1) Go to CSN stores site and tell me what you might use your gift card for if you win! (1 entry)
2) Blog or tweet or mention on facebook about this giveaway (2 entries)
leave a link so I know you did : )
3) Followers get an additional entry( you do not need to follow to enter but I would be honored if you did)
Contest will end Sunday June 20th at 6:00 pm pacific time 
Winner will be announced on Monday June 21 by that random number generator thingy
Good Luck!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where does the time go?

Can you believe we are to the middle of June already? Is it just me, or does it seem as if the days click by a little faster as we get older?  I often tell sweet hubby that the days sometimes flip by like a calendar on a know, like when they want to show the passage of time, they fan through a year long  calendar in just a few seconds?  Sometimes the days feel just like that to me. Our middle daughter turned 24 this weekend and Ezra our sweet grandson is 8 weeks old today. I find myself often wondering how did  I get here to this place in my life and could things slow done just a little bit?
Enough of that for now.
The weekend was a blast with many graduation parties, visiting with great friends and
family, and Andrea's 24th birthday BBQ. Andrea our middle daughter is a special needs child with a sweet sweet spirit and a hug that will knock you over. She has difficulty with speech and comprehension but didn't have a bit of trouble telling me that she wanted a BBQ for her birthday party, who to invite and what to make including a cake from Baskin Robbins. It was fun to see her light up at all of the attention she got on her special day.
Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as well.
I am planning on sharing tips this week for choosing the right area rugs for your specific room or space.

The Birthday girls holding Ezra after he was born

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Dish on Dads

It's time once again for Amanda's Dishing it party
Dishing It! is her way of getting bloggers together to chat about a common topic. A way for us to get to know each other a little bit better.
 This month it is about Dads in light of the upcoming Father's Day celebration
Here are the questions she asked us and my answers

~Name your favorite TV or Movie dad~  
I always liked Pa Ingalls on Little House on the Prarie. He was tender and compassionate yet expected his children to be respectful and learn from their mistakes. He loved his wife and kids and always tried to lead them to do the right thing and make good choices.  A Godly example of  fatherhood.
~What's the best thing about your dad?
My dad always made sure that I knew I was loved! He often shared many life lessons through stories from his experiences. I guess he thought it wouldn't feel so much like "lecturing" that way.
~If your own dad isn't around, do you have a family member or mentor who can stand in for him?
I lost my dad this past December but he was always there for me. I miss him terribly. But I do know that there are Godly "dads" in my life I can turn to if needed. (God is so good that way : )
~What's something you enjoyed doing with your dad when you were a child OR what do your kids like to do with their dad?  
My dad was in broadcasting and I loved going to the station with him as a young teenage girl. I would usually come home with record Albums(yes, I am old)  and posters and magazines of all the teenage idols and superstars
I remember in my "in love with Donny Osmond phase" getting a 6ft life size poster of him to hang in my room and getting demo records that weren't out to the public yet. All my girlfriends were so jealous.
~If your husband is a father, what does he do that makes him a great dad?
Hubby is a wonderful father. He gives our girls freedom to be themselves but also holds them accountable to the standards we have in our home. Our girls never have to let a day go by that he doesn't tell them he loves them. My hubby is a Godly man who tries to live a life pleasing to Him. A wonderful role model to the girls and now to a son-in-law and a grandson.
~Tell us a funny story about your dad or your husband.
When our twins were little, Hubby was playing with them. He picked up one of their toys that had a suction cup on it designed to stick to a high chair with out falling off, and promptly stuck it to his forehead. The trouble was that it suctioned to his head. Instead of gently peeling it off from the edge he  yanked it off, creating a giant sized hickey type lump on his head that took a few days to go away.
 I laughed til I cried. It was hilarious!! ( He failed to see the humor in it : )  And yes we called him "Gorbechev" for a few days..


Monday, June 7, 2010

Stool redo

Hi Everyone
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our oldest daughter and grandson were home for part of the weekend, so our weekend was fabulous!! Just can't get enough of that sweet little Ezra!
Wanted to share with you a project I whipped out this morning.
I have had this cute little stool for years and when I got it I loved it. My taste and style of decorating have changed through the years and although I still like this little stool, It was time for a change.
So I got out a few supplies:

Took apart the stool

Used this handy Deglosser I love this stuff!!
You rub it all over the wood and it roughs it up enough to paint without sanding.

Then I took it all outside and painted it with my favorite Rustoleum Universal satin black paint

While this was drying, I took the fabric cover and a million staples off of the stool base to reveal only the wood and foam.
I carefully measured my fabric and made sure it was centered and then began stapling it into place

I made sure the paint was dry (waiting maybe 10 min cuz I am very impatient) and put the stool back together

To reveal this finished project:

The entire thing took less than an hour. Pulling out the staples took the longest.
It would be even quicker if you just covered over the existing fabric but since my fabric was lighter than the existing one I did not feel that was the best option.
I love how this turned out and it cost me virtually nothing since I used things I already had around the house.
I will be linking this up to the following parties:

UndertheTableandDreaming Fine Craft Guild
The Girl CreativeMaking

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes I had the best birthday ever!! As you read here, I received new bedding for my birthday.
I had been looking for new bedding for quite some time,  before I fell in love with the one the girls gave me. I thought I would share with you some of the beautiful sets I came across in my search. I think the key to the search is defining your style and color choice. Once you narrow that down the search is not so overwhelming.

Is it restful and relaxed like this set from Horchow?
Ann Gish "Ready-To-Bed" Silk Linens & "Nolita" Pillows

Another Horchow beauty
French Laundry "Nantucket" Bed Linens

Or new traditional like this set from CSN Stores
Bedding Sets

or this one from JC Penney?
Celina 10pc. Comforter Set & Accessories

How about a little playful, like this one from Macy's?
Echo Bedding, That 70s Floral Comforter Sets and Duvet Covers

Are you more contemporary?
Hotel Collection "Frame" Bedding

How about total opulence? Like this beauty from Horchow

Whatever your style and price range there is something out there for everyone.
Remember to  surround yourself with the things you love!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whoo Hoo Wednesday!

Today I am linking up to Marla at Always Nesting for woo hoo Wednesday

Always Nesting
What is my woo hoo you ask?  Let me give you a hint...
Hallmart Seville Comforter SetI am not getting any younger... I thought this cake was a great way to celebrate the day! And this bedding was waiting for me when I got home yesterday.

Happy Birthday Cake Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep It's my birthday!! Won't tell you how old I am, but I will say there is a "big" number lurking around for next year.
My family helped me celebrate early by surprising me with new bedding for our bedroom.(the bed shown above is not mine) We have been wanting to do our bedroom for years. It needs paint desperately. I have had my eye on a comforter set for several months now and wouldn't go buy it even though I knew it was on closeout and the last one the store had. I had even been picking up small accessory items to coordinate with "my bedding"
My darling daughters and son in love all went together and bought it for me.Two of the girls sneaked/snuck? home and had it on my bed yesterday. Of course I burst into tears. I was so surprised!!
Today has been spent dreaming and planning and picking out paint samples to finally get this room done.I will be sure and take some before and afters when I get going on it.
I feel so spoiled and so blessed. I just love birthdays!!! Woo hoo!!!

The decor is taking over!!

I recently had the privilege to be apart of a home show to promote my website and staging business. It was great fun and I feel that a lot of leads will come from it. I have some merchandise left over that I would like to move (Hubby said it has to go) So I will show pictures and pricing. just comment or email me if you want something and I will send you a pay pal invoice.
And since tomorrow is my birthday and I am in a good mood, I am offering free shipping.
Don't wait too long though,  quantities are limited

French plaque  $42.00 each  (11" x 1" x 18 3/4" high.)

Hanging clock  $109.00 only 1 left
21.5"H X 18" W X 4"D 
The clock face measures 9.5" and the clock is 11.5" overall X 4"D. 

Happy Summer!

They say that the Memorial weekend is the kick off of summer, so I am just popping in to say I hope yours is off to a wonderful start! Enjoy your day!!