Thursday, January 13, 2011

R & R

Taking a little break to first visit some family and then enjoy some rest and relaxation with my hubby. A little escape from the cold and into the sun we go. See ya soon!

2011 Color Forecast

Have you seen Sherwin-Williams  color forecast for 2011. The 39 colors selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts for Colormix 2011 are grouped into four palettes:
Purely Refined, Bold Invention, Restless Nomad, and Gentle Medley.

Sherwin-Williams celebrates individualism — a trend toward not being trendy at all — through its thoughtfully-selected colormix 2011 collection. Whether it’s a love of antique maps, a fascination with 3D animation or a collection of batik-patterned dresses, design professionals can help their clients embrace their passions and use them to navigate a project’s decorating direction. 

“We’ve seen reactions to the economy move from panic to acceptance, if not appreciation, because people are finding they have the opportunity to be true to themselves,” said Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Status is no longer about consumption, it is about personal identity and colormix 2011 evokes that sense of uniqueness.” 
I love Sherwin Williams paint and love the new color palettes. I like colors from each of them, but tend to lean towards  The Purely Refined group as my favorite. What do you think? what might your favorites be?

Purely Refined

elegant, tailored, understated

True luxury doesn't shout its presence with glitz, glamour and bling.  It whispers, revealing its pedigree through clean, classic lines, exquisite tailoring and handcrafted heirloom quality.  Pared down is the new upscale, and its color palette demonstrates similar restraint, filled with understated neutrals, yet with nuances and undertones that interact in intriguing ways.  Layering organic textures and subtle detailing add to the natural elegance of the timeless look.

Restless Nomad

Restless Nomad

sultry, exotic, primal
Thanks to the Internet, everyone now has a passport to wander the world, soaking up its flavors, images and colors, and stirring them into an eclectic global design stew. Morocco and Turkey are making their presence felt, but there’s no need to stop there. Today’s adventurers feel free to sample from anywhere and everywhere, pairing Persian paisleys with exotic animal skins and Indonesian batiks. Colors, too, wander all over the palette: from dusky darks, to hot vibrant pinks and reds, to earthy food-influenced hues that evoke eggplants and cabbages.

Bold Invention

Bold Invention
experimental, artsy, expressive
The city never sleeps. Neither do its colors. These high-energy hues vibrate with spontaneity and rebellion. Neon bright, graffiti bold and digitally enhanced to 3-D luminosity, they’re the colors of technology, of avant-garde art and of the entrepreneurial spirit that celebrates shaking off dull routine to do what you love. The eclectic global influences range from the Cynical Realism art movement of urban China to the carnaval spirit of Rio de Janeiro, host of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Anything goes, and self-expression is the new metropolitan mantra.

Gentle Medley

Gentle Medley
fresh, airy, innocent
Hard times call for soft colors: the hint of green in a spring leaf bud; the chalky blush of a seashell; the time-etched beauty of a vintage fabric or photograph. Fashion has turned a romantic, nostalgic corner, bringing pastels and parchment-pale neutrals back into the palette. The hues are innocent without being sweet — flirty, yet not feminine. They reflect not just a yearning for youthful innocence and gentler times, but also a refreshing honesty and lack of pretension that are thoroughly modern.

To better view the color lines and see other color collections click on the Sherwin link above.