Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Some people get to take care of thier grandbabies.. we however get to take care of our "granddogs" Our oldest daughter and her husband have no children yet, but do have 2 very active border collie lab mix puppies did I say very active? Anyway the kids are going on vacation for the fourth so we have stepped in to take care of the puppies(did I say very active puppies). Their names are Maggie and Darby and are a lot of fun, but big for puppies. Last time we had them they chewed a burning bush to the ground and ate half of the drip lines for the flower garden and created lots more mischief. Maggie decided she would be a mom to our cocker spaniel Bella and wouldn't let Darby near her all weekend. All this to say it should be a very interesting week.

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