Thursday, July 2, 2009


I had the privilege of having all 4 of my girls home together if only briefly the other night. As I looked around the room I reflected on how quickly the years have flown by. At age 25,23, and 18 yr old twins, I often ask myself "how did I get here" ? When they were little and I was in the midst of millions of diapers and nights that would never end, I remember a very well meaning older mom tell me to savor every minute because I would blink and they would all be grown. I chuckled at her words thinking yea right.
But she was right... They really did grow up quickly. What beautiful young women they have turned out to be. I am truly blessed!!

I guess now I'm the "older mom" saying to each of you cherish every moment with your little ones. The years go by so quickly.

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