Monday, August 17, 2009

Extra Storage

We are a nation of lots of "stuff". With lots of stuff comes the need for extra storage. I have an obsession for anything that is both pretty and functional. Who ever said we had to store everything in plastic tubs and storage bins anyway? There are many choices to keep things organized and easy to get to. There are baskets and trunks that are beautiful additions to any room. You can store extra blankets or table linens in them. What about an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table that you can put video game controllers and movies or games in.

Make your home both beautiful and functional by using a little creativity and imagination when it comes to extra storage.

Use these cute little boxes in a small bathroom to hold extra towels,toilet tissue, or other toiletries. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Have fun and get creative with your storage needs. I would love to hear some of your creative storage ideas.
The above items and more can be purchased at


  1. I agree, you should see my house! I love using stuff like this as storage!!!!!

  2. I love the pretty and functional trunks! I was in search of one this past weekend in black and couldn't find one anywhere though.

    Thanks for the sweet visit today!

    ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa ;)

  3. Hey Debbie, Thanks for following over at Armchair Housewife and entering the give-away. I thought I had signed up to follow you already but I realize I hadn't! I've been missing out. Ok, I think Im officially following now. :) Look forward to more goodies in the future.


  4. I enjoy finding unique storage pieces. The ones you've shown are great choices.

  5. i'm a collector of stuff! oh and dust, but i don't need a cute container for that! these are darling ideas, thanks.

  6. I want so much to decorate my home. These are lovely.

  7. Lovely, I do need some extra storage and they would make a great addition.