Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Return from mission to Mexico

Kaitlyn(center) made it home from Ensenada, Mexico late Sunday night. She has not stopped talking about her experiences there. She and the team had an incredible time. They spent their mornings finishing construction on a house. They got to hand the keys to the home over to the new owners before they left. “Bus driver…move that bus!” How exciting is that. Not only do they get to work on the house, but they’re able to be a part of the key ceremony. The team had also been holding youth rally’s every afternoon, reaching out to the teenagers in the area. They started on Monday with 20 or so who came. That number grew steadily throughout the week, and they had as many as 150 at the closing rally. The students gave their testimonies and sermons in these rallies and did an excellent job. I do not know how many of the Mexico kids accepted Christ but I know there were some.
Kaitlyn is so touched by her week there and in her words"I am so on fire for God." She was also touched with the reality that we as Americans have so much that we take for granted. My prayer for Kaitlyn is that the appreciation for all she has will continue and that the fire she came home with will last forever. Thank you every one who prayed God did do an amazing work in the lives of the team and the children of Ensenada.

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  1. I am sure it was an amazing trip!! I have always wanted to do something like that myself, I am in prayer!

    So glad that she got back safely as well and is on fire!