Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dishing it

Amanda @serenity now is having a party
She said:  "one of my favorite things ever is having a girlfriend over for coffee and dishing over anything and everything. That's what Dishing It! is going to be all about: getting to know other bloggers."

So here are the questions she would like us to answers today.
How long have you been blogging?
~Why did you start blogging?
~Tell me about your blog's title.
~Why did you choose it?
~What do you blog about?
~What is your favorite thing about blogging?
~If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next 
    devoted reader, who would you pick
~What's the funniest comment you've ever received on a blog post?                                                       

Okay here goes....
I have been blogging regularly for about 1 1/2 years. I started blogging as a way to bring traffic and business to my on line store Love the decor.com. It has become so much more than that though.
Since I am a decorator and home stager, my goal for my clients is to "love the decor" when I am finished with a project, so the name for both my blog and on line store was an easy one to come up with.
I love to blog about home decor and design tips, but I also love to share what ever might be happening in my life or on my heart once in a while too. I feel it is vital for a successful blog to add a personal touch every now and then so your readers can connect and feel like they know you.
My favorite thing about blogging is all of the wonderful people out there that I may never have met if not for blogging.
One famous person I would love to have follow my blog would be Candice Olson of Divine Design
Ok...  now its your turn, head on over to Amanda's and link up


  1. Hello! Dropping over from Amanda's. I will be checking out your other posts - love the decor (giggle)! And LOVE Candice Olson, too! Happy partying and have a blessed week!

  2. I'm visiting from Amanda's party. It's nice to meet you and to discover a new to me blog to enjoy.

  3. Hi...popping in from Amanda's party. It is nice to meet you. I am anxious to explore more on your blog. Love home decor!

  4. Hi! Visiting from Amanda's party! I absolutely love love love your profile picture! Best of luck with your new baby!

  5. Hi Debbie - What are you doing blogging when you have a grandchild ready to appear at any moment! ;)

  6. I am visiting from Amanda's party also. I think I'm going to have to be your newest follower. I am excited to see what you have going on here.

  7. I've been here before, but lost your blog address when my computer crashed. I lost all my favorites I had saved. So glad I found you again. I LOVE Candice Olsen too!

  8. Oooo--Candice would be a good one to have if you have a decorating blog. Maybe she'd invite you to her show as a guest helper. ;) Thanks so much for linking up. Have fun "partying." :)

  9. Love the blog! And congrats on the new grandbaby!!

  10. Visiting from the party!! So nice to meet ya!! :)

  11. Hi, I'm visiting by way of Amanda's cool party. It's great meeting you and learning more about your blog!


  12. It's been great to meet you! Hopped over from the party...off to take more of a look around now!

  13. Candice would be a great reader - she would have some great comments. Good one! Great answers!


  14. Love getting to know you better....hope your day is going well. xoxo

  15. I love your black and green. That is the colors of my master bathroom. So nice to meet you. Your pregnant daughter is too cute! Why did I look like a whale with bows on my belly.

  16. Hi Debbie! I'm glad I spotted your name on another blog. It's been awhile since I've checked in with you. There are so many blogs ~~ I have a very difficult time keeping track of everyone!

    I scrolled down and saw the buffett you got from your grandfather. I love it! I saw one similar at a thrift store last year, thought about it too long ~~ went back to get it and it was gone. I still regret that.

    Come see me sometime!


  17. Popping over from the Dishing It party... great to meet you! I love Devine Design, great celeb pick!

  18. Hi there! I came over from the "Dishing It" party at Amanda's! It was so fun to meet you!

  19. Hi Debbie. Thank you Sweetie for coming by to wish me a happy birthday. That was really sweet of you. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

    Hugs...Tracy :)