Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding decor

I  promised pictures of the wedding and decorations I helped with all last week. The bride grew up with my girls and her parents are great friends of ours (the hubby's are inseparable). We prayed them into our neighborhood years ago. When a family moved away, I started praying for a family with children the ages of ours so there would be playmates in the neighborhood. God gave us the Sperry family and we all have been great friends since.  On Sat 1/1/11 their only daughter was married and I was privileged to be a part of the decorating and coordinating. It was a great joy to be involved. Here are some of the pictures

assembling the pew flowers
Working on the Chuppa(canopy)

The guest book table

Gift Table

The reception hall left a christmas tree up un decorated so I just had to decorate it !!
There are so any more pictures but I think theses give the best overall feel of the wedding.
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  1. How wonderful to have such good friends -- and to BE such a good friend yourself. The wedding looks beautiful -- what a lot of work but it paid off wonderfully. Best wishes and Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

  2. Great job, Debbie! I love the shot of them in front of the tree you decorated. I guess this is one hubby who will have no excuse in forgetting his anniversary!

  3. Looks great! Look the color scheme...

  4. How beautiful, Debbie. The florals are so pretty, you did a great job on the tables. I a-dore the Mr. & Mrs. signs. Congratulations to the new couple :).

  5. Gorgeous dear Debbie! I love weddings:) I could easily be a wedding crasher... hehe! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  6. Debbie: Yet another thing we have in common. I decorated and catered both my daughters' weddings. Have also done the decorating at several of my friends' daughters' weddings. Before I got RA, I wanted to go into the wedding consultant and decorating business. I love to do weddings and when I go into a home decor store or vintage store, I see wedding potential in items, especially decorative metal items, etc. Your decorating at this wedding is lovely. Good job! PAM

  7. Wow, you are talented! Thanks so much for your comment on my Cancun photos! You asked for advice - we had an all inclusive resort, so ALL we could eat and drink were right there - and free. We did go to Play deCarmen for the day though and went to the shopping area. Wish we had had more time there. The "Global Warming Conference" was there, so the security was EXTREME. We didn't go on any excursions because of that either. Just relax and enjoy, and if you go down the "shopping" street, remember I was there! Have fun, and thanks for the comment!

  8. Happy New Year, Debbie.

    How come I always get wet eyes when I see pictures of a wedding?
    You did a gorgeous job. The entire decoration, from the tables to the tree is just beautiful.

  9. What a great wedding date. Can't forget that one.
    I'm sure the show-stopper were those flower girls. How adorable were they?

    The tree and Chuppa made perfect picture oppertunities.

  10. How PRETTY...the little ones are sooooo CUTE!!!


  11. Oh my gracious, Debbie! Everything is just beautiful. The chuppah is AMAZING!!! And the tree? GORGEOUS! You did a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Debbie you did an amazing job with the wedding and how special it was of you to be there for your friend and experience that! I know that was your cup of tea! :)
    I am SO excited that you are going on a vacation with your guy! I am envious and excited for you because you are going to have a wonderful time!!!!! Enjoy yourself girl! I would love to make time to see you soon! I really would! :)

  13. Oh Debbie, the wedding was so lovely! Your story about praying them into the neighborhood gave me goosebumps. What a blessing for all of you!

  14. Beautiful, Debbie. There is something magical about winter weddings and your decorations are breath taking. The litte girl in the wagon is just precious!

  15. Wow what a great job. The wedding looks like it was beautiful. What a gorgeous couple.Your talent really shows in all the work you did.