Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainy Day and more random things

Well, It's rainy here...again.... won't be able to work on that cedar chest. So just for fun I am sharing a few more things about me you may not know.

1)  I almost never go without nail polish. My nails are always filed and polished unless I am camping or painting.  Every color in the drawer no matter what the brand the color is, is pretty much the same hue (can you say creature of habit)

2)I have never had fake nails. I have always been told I have pretty nails so I just didn't want to mess them up

3) I played the clarinet in grade/middle school. Hated every minute of it. My dad would sit me in front of the Lawrence Welk show and make me watch the man(don't remember his name) who played beautifully and tell me "see with a little practice you can play just like that"  Eww ( much like my singing it was not a joyful noise)

4) I love to cook and I enjoy trying new recipes. (I like eating them too which is why I go to the gym four days a week) Please don't get an image of a skinny person here (I am not)

5) My first "real job was at a Mcdonalds where I worked all through High School and beyond.
  My boss was a wonderful man who saw potential in me and nurtured it so much so, that I was a manager at just age 17. He recently passed away, but it is to him I owe a strong worth ethic, great customer service skills and so much more about leadership and responsibility. He had a huge part in making me the person I am  today.  Thank You Fred!!

6) I live in a mid size town but we are shopping deprived. No Target, Costco, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Macy's, Hobby Lobby... nothing. The nearest ones of those are at least 70 miles away, so shopping is very well planned ahead. We do however have a Lowe's and a Starbucks less than a mile from my home so that makes me happy.

7) I love a good surprise and I like to be surprised. (Although I am just a bit apprehensive about what my friends may be scheming for my "BIG" birthday next month.

8)  If we were to meet for coffee, within minutes, you would know that I am very real and down to earth and that I love my life. We would laugh a lot.
So there you have it  more tidbits about me you may not have known
Please feel free to share about you too!!


  1. I'm so jealous of your nails!

    I meant to email you about the cookbook rack - but my inlaws came into town and were here for a while - they just left earlier this week. It did come and I love it! Thanks!

  2. 1.Impressed
    2.I'm with you
    3. Lawrence Welk...loved that show - costumes
    4. I hear ya
    5.How nice
    8. Good for you. I love to laugh also

  3. I'm so impressed that your nails are always done. My mom is really good about that too. My hands always look like I've been painting or washing them too much. I love polish, but it's always chipped after a day or two and looks AWFUL! I laughed about the Lawrence Welk reference. I remember my grandparent's watching him at bedtime every night, even in the camper when we were traveling. So funny! I wish we were closer! I'd love to have coffee with you!

  4. Hi Debbie, thank you for your nice compliments on my dining room table arrangement. It was fun reading about you...I've never had fake nails either. There would be no way I could keep them on with all I do. I played the french horn and hated it Have a great night, Kristen

  5. This was neat to read! I wish my nails would grow...makes me sad NOT to have pretty nails. I do like to have them polished and neat though. I wore the fake ones for eons when I worked and won't do it again. They looked nice but too much money & damage to the real nails.

    You sound like me with "color". I have almost the same hue of lipstick in every one that I buy! It's amazing to me how different they look on...colors change on me. I do venture out with nail polish colors but the "normal" ones always win...and that's a shade of red. :-)

    I can't believe you don't have access to a Target store! Wow... The others I might understand but it seems they are missing the mark on potential sales.

    Thanks for sharing! I always love to read about bloggers.