Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have you seen some of the new color trends?

Purples, grays, and beiges are popping up everywhere. The trend to "warm" gray up a bit has created a blend of gray and beige, that some are calling "greige".
At the Willow House convention I recently attended, this color combo was alive and well. The designers had several vignettes done in those colors and I must admit I like it!!! Though I have never been much of a gray fan, the combination and accessories used in the displays make it seem fun, warm, and inviting. Not really words I would have used in the past to describe gray. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new combination of color. Are you a gray fan? what about purple? Beige too boring for your taste?
How do you work the new trendy colors into your decorating? do you go crazy and change everything or do you find a few key pieces to add in to update the look? Let me know.

Even our new catalog is sporting the newest color trends:

Many of the items pictured are in our new fall line and will be available August 1st.  I love the lanterns!!
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  1. HA...I just took the plum accessories out of my living room!! Stop by again to see what I loaded in regards to "scarves" You must have visited while I was learning how to load a video! Happy weekend