Friday, January 27, 2012

Are you suffering from the winter blahs?

I love the first snow of the year, the kind where everything looks pristine and clean, even a bit bright, but when it starts to melt and the world turns dull and gray, I get a bit antsy for spring. Now I know I cannot complain, because I was blessed to get away to sunny Cancun and bask in the warmth and the sun, but it's been a week and we are now back to reality and winter. I started thinking if I didn't go away, what could I do to resist the winter blues? Here is my list:
1. Start a project that you have been meaning to get to
2. Paint a wall a bright cheery color
3. Bar b q a traditional summer meal
4. Go to a tanning salon( I know, not for everyone) get a spray tan.
5. Wander through stores that are just putting out new spring lines.
(I did this today and the colors for spring are gorgeous. Turquoise, oranges, yellows, and bright pinks.) It was uplifting to surround myself with all of that color.
6. Bundle up and take a walk. Fresh air is good for the soul.
7. Have a party. (winter can seem long but if you have something to look forward to it helps)
8. Make a meal for someone weekly for a time. Focusing on helping others is a great thing.
9. Paint your finger nails a bright summery color or go get a pedicure.
10. "Summer up" a room in your home. Open the curtains even on a dark day. Change dark throws and pillow to lighter colored throws and pillows, add a fresh flower bouquet filled with bright yellow tulips or your favorite spring flowers. Burn a coconut scented candle or one in your favorite summer scent.
I bet you could add many many more ideas to this list and I would love to hear them. 
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Great ideas! Our weather has kinda felt like Spring lately:) Enjoy your list and I hope you strike lots off! HUGS!

  2. Sweet ideas. In the 40's here in the mornings and 70's during the day! WOW! Hugs and blessings, Cindy