Thursday, March 4, 2010

Color is a language all it's own

Once color meets our eyes, it enters through our brain and speaks to us. The way we interpet it is as unique as the individual looking at it. For example, a pale blue room may feel cold to some and relaxing and restful to another. Red may seem angry to some and represent boldness to others. Pink may mean baby or little girl while to another it symbolizes romance.
Color is very often tied to our emotions. We say we are blue when sad, we see red when mad, yellow means cheerful, and some, are green with envy. Color can evoke a physical response also. Studies have shown that red for example, actually triggers increases in heartbeat and blood pressure. Here are a few general perceptions that we have regarding some of the primary and secondary colors.
Red.................      Exciting, Energetic, Dynamic, Confidence
Orange...........       Spicy, Festive, Zesty, Stimulating
Yellow............       Cheerful, Friendly, Vivacious, Playful, Happy
Blue................       Serene, Dependable, Freshness, Cool, restful
Green..............       Refreshing, Clean,  Restful, Responsible
Purple.............        Royalty, Passion, Artistic, Elegant   

I am sure you can think of many other emotions tied to color. I would love to have everyone share their favorite colors and the emotion that comes to mind when you think of that color.    


  1. I like pink {to wear, too}. I think it is a very complimentary color to everyone's complexion. Maybe where the phrase "in the pink" came from?

  2. I love PINK and love to decorate with it also...I have an all pink rose bedroom its so victorian to me...great post my friend as always...Hope you have a Great day...come by and see my Red Robe Room...hugs and smiles to you Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Debbie! Nice to meet you and your " Love the Decor " blog!

    I love the palest of pinks...and pastels.
    I live in a pastel cottage with a lot of whites too...Just makes me HAPPY.

    Life is good when I spend it at home creating!
    Stop over when time allows , would love to have you visit!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Love reading your blog....very interesting post....Hope you will stop by...I just added some extra giveaways...
    So glad to have a few hours to blog hop.


  5. Good Friday Morning Dear Debbie! I have some Red/burgandy in EVERY room! I just love it and it just seems bright to me and I feel happy:) Have a blessed day my friend!

  6. I absolutely love the language of color! My favorite color is red, partially because so much can be expressed in red!

  7. Red. I'm definitely a red kinda girl. Accents all over my home and in my wardrobe. If I had to live in a world without red, well, it would be very sad. Living in Oregon with our gray days, red is the go-to color.

    Also, greens and yellows....

  8. I am so excited you posted this! I am going to print it out to save! I use to(still do) love red, but lately I've been shifting to blue! It is great to read what the colors mean or express! Love this post :)

  9. My favorite color is red. But I'm not real exciting or energetic but I do have alot of confidence. :)

    So you were in Leavenworth today! I forgot you live in the same state I do. We have never been to Leavenworth (my mom has and says we must go this year)
    I think we decided to go to Port Townsend (we've never been there either) My husband is looking forward to some beach time. I am looking forward to some quaint shops (I heard there are some there.)
    Thanks so much for commenting and telling us about Stevens pass-I was wondering how it was up there.
    Have a great weekend,

  10. This is a great post! I just repainted a red wall in our bedroom - it was just too much - a little too exciting for a room I want to be relaxing and calming. I believe that colors definitely have an emotion association.


  11. I used to have a room painted in a pale yellow. Whenever I walked into it, any stress or sadness just kind of disappeared and I became instantly happy! Especially when the sun was shining through the windows.

    Stopping by from SITS!

    Happy Saturday

  12. Love the post Debbie! Color effects us in so many ways. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Hey there girlie! :)

    Let's see.... What's been going on with you these days? I've been SO busy, but its finally calming down. We're so close to Disney!

    Color. I love red. It's bold and says hey look at me. I love yellow because it reminds me of sunshine, brightness, cheerful, and smiles. Yellow is my all time favorite color, however I don't look very good in it! But I do look good in red! :)

    I agree that color adds so much and brings so much too. It sure says a lot about someone as well, I think!

  14. Hi Deb. I always love to see yellow on a front porch -- whether it's a cushion or awnings. I think it's a very welcoming color!

  15. I discovered by a paint "accident" that I prefer living with warm colors around me. When the kids leave home, I think I'd like a red sports car... ;)

  16. I was a green for so long and now Im finding I am in love with blue. It is slowly starting to spread through the whole house. Blue... blue it is~

  17. I'm definitely more of a Red (for bold) sort but I also decorated my bedroom in red and it's soothing and sultry and over-the-top cocooning with it's heavy drapes and lush bedspread.

    Next is blue, but a dark blue, indigo or midnight (the latter was always my favorite from the Crayola box) and it means mysteries to me, soothing in a night-time, peaceful way.

    Stopping by from SITS

  18. I's lovely to meet you. I enjoyed reading your post...i love pink and things that glitter :) even though i cant say when i actually started loving pink.

  19. I definitely connect love and romance with red which is why I LOVE the idea of the crimson/wine colored room with a light cream color to contrast.

    The bedroom is the room of romance :o)

    Happy Saturday, SITSa!

  20. Purple is my favorite color. I've been told, of course, that it's the color of royalty, but when I look at it I feel calm yet fun, if that makes any sense. When decorating, however, I tend to lean towards dark blues. They make me feel comforted and also all of the other things you mentioned in your post. You're a great SITSta! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  21. I love to have color in my rooms. I grew up in houses that were always painted off-white in every room and it was so boring. I have different colors in almost every room of my house - a soothing mossy green in our bedroom, a deep rich burgundy in the livingroom, a bright spring green in the kitchen, and a clean two-tone tan shade in the basement. It is amazing what a difference in makes in a room. I even got my husband to paint the laundry room lavender. He hates it, but it's not like he spends much time in there!

  22. I am really loving your blog! I just painted my bathroom red for a sensual, romantic feels... and I LOVE it.

  23. Hmmm, I wonder what turquoise would be! Fiesta time???

  24. My favorite color is pink, but I decorate with blue a lot. Happy SITS Day!

  25. We currently live in an apartment that won't let us paint. It's terrible! I'm dying for a barn red or yellow kitchen!

    Here from SITS!