Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dental Surgery...Ick

Just wanted to say Hi
Is anyone besides me having a hard time keeping up in 
blogland this summer ?
I am trying to get around to all of you but it's tough. 
If  I don't leave a comment,  just know 
I am still here and still following : )  Just a little bit busy.

Just wanted to let you know also I am off for a few days to have 
some much needed dental surgery .I am a big chicken about this
 kind of thing. 
I would rather do almost anything than go to the dentist
I am praying for peace and calm and a speedy recovery 
Hope you will too (PLZ : )


  1. The hardest time since I began blogging..seems like everyday there is something that keeps me from reading all my favorites....

  2. Good luck! I will be thinking about you!

  3. I hear ya on all counts girl. I have missed you!!! I am a chicken about the dentist...actually see a children's dentist since I am so scared. lol
    I have been running like a fool for three months now...have barely enough time to take care of the laundry after all is said and done...haha
    hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. Of course! Speedy recovery to you and you will get through this, Debbie! I am finding less time in recent weeks to blog and visit. I think it's just because there is so much going on throughout the Summer and on nice days the outside beckons!

  5. Oh girl, I had to have a root canal last summer. ick! Take care and yell if you need me:) HUGS!

  6. Debbie,
    Good Luck and I am with you. There is something about dental work! Hope all goes well and it is not to scary or painful.

  7. I am a BABY when it comes to the dentist! Have to take DRUGS for most visits! Ha! I am praying that God will give you a peace....that He will guard your mind from fear and bring into your remembrance that He give us a spirit of peace and not of fear! I pray that you will do amazingly well at the dentist office and healing will come quickly. And that you will give God all the praise and the glory! Be blessed. Cindy

  8. Going to the dentist to have major things done always freaked me out-But what is funny is once I'm there and it's all done it's not as bad as I thought it would be (like having my wisdom teeth that were wrapped around my jaw removed surgically/it went well!) :)
    Saying a prayer for you!

    I'm slow in blogging too-Just enjoying the grand kids way too much right now!!!

  9. Debby yes having a time keeping up with everything.

    Come visit for a cheer up..having a great designer giveaway from Pillow Mint!!

    Art by Karena

  10. I understand about the blog thing and I will keep you in my prayers. Speedy recovery!

  11. Oh sweet sweet friend! I know too well just how you are feeling. I will be saying some special prayers for you during this scary time. May all go well ((hugs)) Susie~