Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Dish on Dads

It's time once again for Amanda's Dishing it party
Dishing It! is her way of getting bloggers together to chat about a common topic. A way for us to get to know each other a little bit better.
 This month it is about Dads in light of the upcoming Father's Day celebration
Here are the questions she asked us and my answers

~Name your favorite TV or Movie dad~  
I always liked Pa Ingalls on Little House on the Prarie. He was tender and compassionate yet expected his children to be respectful and learn from their mistakes. He loved his wife and kids and always tried to lead them to do the right thing and make good choices.  A Godly example of  fatherhood.
~What's the best thing about your dad?
My dad always made sure that I knew I was loved! He often shared many life lessons through stories from his experiences. I guess he thought it wouldn't feel so much like "lecturing" that way.
~If your own dad isn't around, do you have a family member or mentor who can stand in for him?
I lost my dad this past December but he was always there for me. I miss him terribly. But I do know that there are Godly "dads" in my life I can turn to if needed. (God is so good that way : )
~What's something you enjoyed doing with your dad when you were a child OR what do your kids like to do with their dad?  
My dad was in broadcasting and I loved going to the station with him as a young teenage girl. I would usually come home with record Albums(yes, I am old)  and posters and magazines of all the teenage idols and superstars
I remember in my "in love with Donny Osmond phase" getting a 6ft life size poster of him to hang in my room and getting demo records that weren't out to the public yet. All my girlfriends were so jealous.
~If your husband is a father, what does he do that makes him a great dad?
Hubby is a wonderful father. He gives our girls freedom to be themselves but also holds them accountable to the standards we have in our home. Our girls never have to let a day go by that he doesn't tell them he loves them. My hubby is a Godly man who tries to live a life pleasing to Him. A wonderful role model to the girls and now to a son-in-law and a grandson.
~Tell us a funny story about your dad or your husband.
When our twins were little, Hubby was playing with them. He picked up one of their toys that had a suction cup on it designed to stick to a high chair with out falling off, and promptly stuck it to his forehead. The trouble was that it suctioned to his head. Instead of gently peeling it off from the edge he  yanked it off, creating a giant sized hickey type lump on his head that took a few days to go away.
 I laughed til I cried. It was hilarious!! ( He failed to see the humor in it : )  And yes we called him "Gorbechev" for a few days..



  1. Oh how funny, the suction cup story is hilarious! Love you answers:) Have a blessed day dear Debbie! HUGS!

  2. Hi, Debbie!! How cool to have a dad in broadcasting! I would have loved to have posters of my crushes growing up. :) The suction cup story is a good one. I hope you took a picture for black mail. ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up with me. I hope you are having fun "partying." :)

  3. Your Dad would be very happy to know that you thought so much of him.
    I can just sense the love.

  4. I think the suction cup hickey is absolutely hilarious! Mamas tend to have most of the fun stories and this is one he will eventually find humor in!

    Stopping by from the Dishing It party!

  5. The suction cup story made me laugh! My husband would always laugh at me when the girls would spit up their entire feeding it seemed like on me, you know the ones that go down your back, in your hair, through the bra? He thought it was the funniest thing ever until one day he was changing Taylor's diaper and picked up her feet to put the new diaper under (she was only a month old I think) and she sprayed him in poo! I am so glad your hubby is an amazing role model for girls!

  6. Sounds like your dad was a wonderful man.

    The suction cup story is great!

  7. I'm so sorry about your dad! I love how he told you stories so it wouldn't feel like lecturing! I'm laughing out loud about the suction cup toy on the forehead! My husband had done that too! What is it about guys, I could have told him that was going to happen, lol!

  8. I loooove Pa Ingalls! I think I have seen EVERY episode 50 times. Love it! your dad sounds GREAT. The suction cup/hickie story is so funny!

  9. Pa Ingalls is a good one - had forgotten about him. How cool that your dad was in broadcasting. LOVE the hickey story - too funny! Happy Dishing It!

  10. So funny. Thanks for sharing about your amazing Dad-