Monday, March 28, 2011

A Warm Welcome

Hope you all had a great weekend. One of the things I have been wanting to do for years, is take a CPR class. Well, I finally did it. I learned so much and though I hope I never have to use it, it's nice to know I could help someone if the need every arises. If you get a chance to take the class I highly recommend it.
Now on to the post for today.
What do you do at your home to Say "welcome" to your visitors? Do you have a beautiful porch or a painted front door that beckons them in?

Do you greet them at the door with dread or with a smile on your face that says you are happy to see them.

You see, we can set the tone for a visitor in a matter of seconds, If we seem uncomfortable they may too.
If we act like we weren't quite ready for them to be here, it can send a message that it was a bother or inconvenience for you to have them over
Some of the things I have learned to put people at ease are
1) greet them as if they are the most important thing in your life at that moment
2) keep things tidy so that if unexpected people do drop in, you will not be uncomfortable. We have all been there where  someone drops by and instead of sitting enjoying the company we are racing a round picking things up and apologizing for our "mess"
3) keep a house that smells good. I love walking into a home that smells good. Even if things are a bit out of place, there is something very welcoming  about a home that smells yummy. People often comment that my home always smells good. I have "plug ins" and scentsy pots all over the place. More for myself than others. I guess I am just a little obsessed with making our home welcoming to others.
I have fond memories of "grandmas" house as a young girl. It often smelled like perked coffee and to this day the smell of coffee evokes this warm fuzzy kind of feeling. I guess my use of all those scented things is my way to create that feeling in others.
4) Although I love nice things and a beautiful home I try not to have a stiff formal environment. I want my home to be nice but not so much so that people are afraid to sit or touch anything

5)Don't be afraid to be yourself. If you are comfortable in your own skin others will pick up on that and instantly feel at ease.
I could go on and on about this subject but I would love to hear your comments on making people feel welcome, so please share away


  1. Congratulations on taking the CPR class. My daughter has her certificate and I have often thought about it. Hooray for you!

    You have some great ideas and tips. I hear you on having a nice scent to greet you when you walk in...I have two dogs. Although they are small and clean, I still worry so I use those Glade plug in fans. They are powerful!!

    Hope you have a great week, Debbie!


  2. I am way overdue for taking a CPR recertification class! I got my certification when I was in college...way back when! I think I still remember what to do, but I need to be 100% certain, just in case.

    These were all excellent tips you shared with us, Debbie. I always try to maintain a tidy home and one that smells nice. You never know when a realtor might come knocking!

  3. My daughter (age13) and I just went to a CPR class last Satuday! It was a lot of fun and we did learn a lot, I took a class oh 4 years ago and was suprised at what has changed, it's good to stay current on it! :) I loved reading your advice. I feel it is very important to have a tidy home with a welcoming feel and a home that smells clean is equally important. Your plant by your front door is Beautiful! :)

  4. Really good ideas!
    Being welcoming is such an important way of showing love.

  5. I took infant/child CPR twice, but never regular CPR. I should really do that. My parents have a friend that saved his wife's life by giving her CPR when she collapsed at home.

    My Hubby has like a weird superhero sense of smell so he is downright FREAKY about making sure there are no offensive odors lurking in the house. He could smell my rotting potatoes a full two days before I found them and he loves Plug-Ins so we're covered there. I would love a Scentsy pot though. Love them!

    I think I'm too laid back to be a really good hostess though. I want people to come in and just act like they live here, ya know. I mean, I always make goodies and serve food and stuff, but if it's between meals and your hungry and don't like what I have, I expect ya to just raid my cabinets. Is that bad?

  6. Great post today! I need to take a CPR class. Last time I took one was over 30 years ago! And I LOVE the red door, as you well know. Have a wonderful evening, Debbie. PAM N.

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