Sunday, April 15, 2012

Buying a Chandelier

So, you have decided to purchase a chandelier,  you walk the aisles of your favorite lighting store and get confused... will it be too big? too small? is it the right style for my home? What color should I get? So many choices.
Finding the right chandelier Should not be so intimidating. 
Here are a few guidlines that should help. Remember they are just guidelines but really do help you get a sense for what you need. 
First look at all of the other lighting in the home, especially the lighting that will be near the new chandelier. Is it antique brown? bronze? aged bronze? Use existing lighting as the model for the finish and style for your new one. If you are going to replace lighting soon, then you have many more options. Go with a finish you like and build from there for the rest of the home’s lighting.
Finding the right size is crucial, you don’t want to put in one that is too small and have it look like an after thought. Nor do you want one so big it overwhelms the room. So here are some suggestions:
Measure the size of the room or area (entryway etc) 

~If the room is smaller than 10' by 10', a 17" to 20" diameter chandelier is recommended
~If the room is about 12' x 12', a 26" or 27" chandelier is best
          ~If the room is about 14' x 14', choose a 24" to 36" chandelier.
For an entry way or hall, the chandelier should hang at least 6-1/2 – 7 feet above the floor to allow people to walk comfortably beneath it. 

If your room has particularly high ceilings, you may need to hang your chandelier even higher to maintain harmony with the dimensions of the area
If the chandelier will be hanging in a dining room, measure the height and width of the table you plan to hang your new light fixture over.
 A dining room chandelier hung over a table should measure about 12 inches narrower than the dining table and have at least 48 inches of space from each of the room walls or edges.
A chandelier should hang about 30-36” from the surface of the table to insure no bumped heads, and to allow plenty of space for table centerpieces, and food. 

This height also provides the best illumination. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, be sure to mount the chandelier an additional 3 inches higher for each foot of ceiling. 

I highly recommend a dimmer switch especially in the dining room to create ambiance for dinner parties etc. It gives you the ability to make it brighter or darker depending on different tasks.

Remember these are just guidelines, many times the sales people in a lighting store are very helpful. Our local Lowes   has wonderful help in the lighting department. (no I am not getting paid to say that : )  Don't be afraid to ask questions. 
You are the customer and you deserve to be helped. Happy chandelier shopping.

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