Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Decorating Dilemma

I am linking up to Amandas Decorating Dilemma Party! This is a spot for bloggers to link up a post detailing a design problem area OR to share a Solution they are proud of.
I am using a home of a friend that I am needing to work on. It is a bit challenging in that there are two focal points. A lovely fireplace should be the focal point alone but right across from it is a huge entertainment unit. I have several ideas on what could work but would appreciate feedback from all of you as well. Keep in mind that the entertainment centeris exact opposite the fireplace wall. Also both chairs in the room have matching pairs that are in other rooms that we can pull out.
The horns are already on the way out and I have also suggested an area rug, amongst other things. It will be fun to see if we are all on the same page to help this struggling room.
NOTE: The space right in front of the entertainment unit is the path way into the kitchen eating area so it makes it difficult to center furniture near it.


  1. Hi, Debbie! What a great fireplace/hearth! :) I think an area rug is a great idea. Have they considered doing two separate seating areas?? Is the room large enough to accommodate that if they entertain a lot? Was just thinking that then they'd have a TV area and a fireplace area. :) I also think the accessories on either side of the fireplace need to be pulled together somehow.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. I love that fireplace! But the room is a little awkward, isn't it? What if you just squared everything up...put the couch and chairs facing each other, but perpendicular to the fireplace and the entertainment center, with the area rug anchoring that whole arrangement.
    That's not idea for TV viewing, having to turn your neck, but nothing about the room set-up is ideal. Also, any chance that the lighter colored chairs swivel? It kind of looks like they might...if so that would be good because one could turn it toward the TV when needed.

  3. Oops! My son was signed in. I'm pretty sure he actually doesn't care at all how the room is arranged!

  4. First off I have to share with you that we started painting tonight! LOL. Talk about the lacking of patience. I am surely not Job! LOL. We all really LOVE it so far!! The lighter color though might be too light. I had D put a little splash on the wall next to the darker color to see if it was going to work and be okay. If it is too light, do we just take it back to Lowe's and have them darken it? I am not sure...

    Okay the room! It's a lovely space, large and open which I like a lot! I agree with someone else to making it two seating areas kind of because it is an awkward room! Could you make the entertainment center flush colored with the wall? This way it would blend in and allow you to have the fireplace be the focal point. Are you painting the fireplace? I see it black myself! LOL. You could really fix up the shelves around the fireplace with really bold things to draw you eye in towards that area too. I think an area rug is good too.

    That's my 2 cent girlie! Not very good with this type of thing!! LOL. Well friend I hope you have a great Thursday!! We're trying to at least get the wall completely done with the darker color by Friday but D seems to think we can get it all finished! Ha. We shall see!

  5. I'm sure I'm being repetitive from other posts, but here are my thoughts:

    1) 2 separate seating areas - 2 matching chairs in front of the fireplace, angled with a little table in between (That F/P is AWESOME!)

    2) Area rug for the "TV Watching" space. Couch straight and facing entertainment unit (also AWESOME!) Chairs on either side either facing each other or angled.

    3) That back wall where the couch is now (with the horns) is overwhelmed with "stuff". I'm thinking a picture wall, plate wall, linear shelves (long). Something "cleaner". Okay, and I have to say I actually think those horns are cool! I DO NOT like taxidermy, but something about those "gets me". Maybe I'm crazy!

    Good luck with the room! Would love to see the end result!

  6. I am with you on getting rid of the horns:) I hate it when you have two focal points and not wanting to take away from either. Good idea on the area rug. Hmmmm perhaps move the entertainment center to the horn wall and put the sofa opposite where it is now? Not sure about that wall where the entertainment center is now. Maybe artwork with shelves and a long sofa table, lamps etc. Difficult setting. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Hugs to you my Friend!

  7. I say bring the fireplace center stage. I see that the entertainment unit is in a little alcove. Hang a curtain in front of it. The family can draw it back when using the unit. When not in use, the fireplace is the focal point of the room, as it should be.

    If the curtain is too dramatic, I would suggest painting it black. Quite striking.

    Turn the sofa to face the entertainment unit. Create a small visiting area for encouraging conversation.

    Place two oversized chairs beside the hearth.

    Okay, so you create two seating areas. A quiet intimate place to visit or read.

  8. Debbie, just a quick note -- I have my blog roll listed on my blog, but your blog does not update. In other words, it doesn't reflect when you have added another post. Do you know if it works on the Google Reader? Why don't you try subscribing to your blog in google reader to see if it updates? I just want to make sure it's feeding okay for you.

  9. I know you took down the horns, Debbie, but I really love them...

  10. Debbie,
    What beautiful room. I love the arched doorways. You got so many great ideas, I don't have any new to add. I know you'll do an awesome job! Excited to see how it comes together :)

  11. This is a beautiful room with lots of detail but I see your dilemma! I thought of two things:
    1. Move the entertainment center to the big wall and use the alcove it is in now for a gallery for art work. Although it seems as though the alcove was made for it using it for another unexpected purpose could be interesting. The couch could go in front of the entertainment center and chairs and a table could be placed on an angle to the left of the fireplace. Maybe a game table?

    2. Leave the entertainment center where it is, create another seating area behind it near the fireplace.

    I agree it needs an area rug. The larger wall where the horns are now looks like it needs something heavier on it. There are a lot of small "spindly" pieces on a huge wall.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  12. I know that whatever you do will be fabulous. I can't wait to see the finished pictures.

    I also wanted to let you know that what Jan was saying about the blogroll is the same with my blog. I get your updates on my dashboard but not on my actual blog.

    Hope you have a great week,

    Best wishes,

  13. It is pretty busy in there.......I like the idea of a rug to pull it all together. And the fireplace wall needs to be simplified.....maybe painting the back wall of the bookshelves....and use only a few statement pieces. I am also wondering about something on that large wall above the mantle...something to draw the eye up and form a triangular illusion. I also like the idea of two sitting areas, maybe a small game table on the antler wall, which I would turn into a photo wall, too. I'll keep thinking.....