Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Great Day!

Today was a delightful day. I got to meet in person, a gal I have been blogging friends with for a while. Elizabeth has a blog called
inside me She is a very creative scrapbook artist and designs for several companies. Her blog is a great mix of scrapbooking and personal. I love the personal side. She is so honest and real and loves the Lord and is every bit the same way in person. We started talking about getting together a few months back when we both realized we only lived about 100 miles from each other. Elizabeth recently purchased some new furniture and wants to paint the walls in her room so, since this is right up my alley we decided to meet and pick out paint and come up with a few ideas for her very homey home! We hit it off as if we have known each other always and I can see a lifelong friendship in the works here. I would encourage you to go check out her blog, you will be glad you did. When she gets her room painted I will share pictures with you of the before and after (with her permission of course).
If you have been toying with the idea of meeting up with a blogger friend, I highly recommend it. While blogging is great fun, nothing takes the place of face to face visiting time.

Me and Elizabeth


  1. WOW! How great is that? I'm so glad you shared this story and your great get-together. I'm lovin' your blog! Will visit you again soon!

  2. Awh you are such a dear sweet friend! You warmed my heart with your comments and its very true, I felt completely comfortable like we've known one another forever!!! I am so very blessed to know you!

    Forget me though... Debbie is amazing person and has a wonderful talent of decorating!!!! :) I am overjoyed at being blessed by her friendship along with all that talent!

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  4. How fun, Debbie! It's so great when you can meet someone you feel you already know!

  5. Oh how wonderful, I wish there was a convention for bloggers to meet:) Wouldn't that be fun? Love the picture of you and Elizabeth. Nice haircut Debbie! Hugs to you, have a blessed day!

  6. How fun is that... I would love to meet some of my blogging friends. Cute photo too.