Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Staging series part 2

Welcome back to my series on staging your home to sell (or to stay in if you choose.)
The first thing you may wonder is "why do I need to hire a stager, I can do this myself". While it may be true that some of us can do it ourselves, most of us are way too attached to our homes to see them with an objective eye. Enter Home Stager: She starts the process of "packaging" your home properly to get the most earning potential.
The first thing she may do is go through room by room and assess what needs to be done. Do the carpets need cleaning? windows need washin? Does the home need painting? Do light fixtures need updated?. These are things that you can do to start the process of preparing to sell or just give a fresh look to the home you live in. The stager is available and will give you suggestions on paint color and lighting options to give your home optimum selling power.
We will be talking more in the days to come about the staging process and what to do next to get your home SOLD!

On a different note:
I have been told by several that my blog is not updating in their readers or blog rolls. I get a "parsing error" and have tried several things to try to fix it as far as I can tell it is still not working. I am kind of techno challenged so I am open to any suggestions or help to get this fixed.


  1. Wonderful tips Debbie! Thank you for sharing them.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa ;)

  2. I agree that hiring a stager can be helpful. Besides being skilled in the process, they're also not emotionally attached and can scale things down a little more easily than the homeowner. :-) Wish I could help you with the parsing error, but I'm not familiar with it.

  3. Hi there friend! :)

    Hope all is well for you this week. How did the weekend of painting go?

    We used to watch a show in England called House Doctor. Heard of it? She was pretty ruthless, however she got their houses sold that's for sure! I think hiring a home stager is a good thing!

    Thinking of you!

  4. Great tips! I think a home stager would tell me to do some editing! Thanks for displaying my blog button! Kristen

  5. Great tips Debbie! Lots of us had a similar problem a while ago with the sidebar not updating. I will search to see how we got it fixed. I just know to go search you out to see if you have posted. I'll look for the fix and send it to you! Big Hugs!

  6. Hey Debbie, It's me again. I searched to see what we did when our sidebar wouldn't update and here is the fix that worked for us!

    Hey, I received this from someone about the sidebar not updating. Try it and see if it works. Have a blessed day.
    Go to dashboard.
    Enter your blog as a blog you read along with the other blogs you've been reading.
    It will then show up on your reading list and on your blog updated with your most recent post.
    I know it works on other people's blogs linking to me too because I have two blogs and I see the update showing on both blogs.
    Give it a try, it worked for us!


  7. Great tips, Debbie!! Wishing you lived next door, so you could tell me these things every so often....I am sure I could benefit! ;D