Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Because

I feel like someone out there needs to know this today. You are beautiful to God and you are loved. Whatever you are going through or have been through, whatever you have done in your life, nothing can ever change the way He feels about you. Know that the trials that come to each of us are used to refine our character into the character of God. He allows it because He loves us and wants His very best for us.
May you be blessed today and may you know how beautiful you are to Him,
right now, just as you are.


  1. Awesome post Debbie...hope you are having a great week:)


  2. That was beautiful... and needed! Thank you!

  3. such a beautiful message...thank you for your sweet comment. best, shannon

  4. What a great message to share! Some days I need to be reminded of this!

    Thanks for leaving a message about the pillows. I am so, so glad your client liked them and thank you again for working with me!

  5. Debbie, I love your post today! :) Such true words, for sure.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. What I tried to use as a background did come from CBOB. Can you please answer this? Do I have to choose a template from blogger? The template I have chosen seems to be competing with my background. Also, how in the world do you "write" your blog name in the rectangle the way you have done? If you care to give me a BRIEF (I promise not to take much of your time) tutorial, you may email me if you'd like! Thanks so much, Debbie!


  6. That was a beautiful post and just what I needed to hear.....Thank you

  7. I don't know if that was for me...but I'll take it! :) Thank you....

    Be blessed today~

  8. Hey! I just saw your post actually shows up in my blog list! What did you finally do to get it to work??? Yay!

  9. What a beautiful post! Perfect timing :)

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  11. I love the photo! Perfect.