Sunday, May 23, 2010

Candles and a special offer

Everyone knows a candle can add a certain ambiance or coziness to a room. I have a line of candles in my web store called imageglow candles. I wanted to share with you a special I am offering you,  my loyal followers, but first a bit about the candles.
Imageglow®  – a new kind of candle of that uses a patented process to embed beautiful
patterns and designs into the wax of lantern candles and pillar candles. The flame backlights
the pattern and GLOWS when illuminated.

Signature lantern candles – a 4" x 6" wax shade that encloses a 35+ hour candle. This style is
by inserting a tealight within the wax shade. The lantern always looks fresh + new as
there is no exposed wick – and is safer than regular candles as there is no exposed flame - it is deeply recessed inside the wax shade.

It's the candle with the glowing heart
candle trio of our three sizes makes a great statement on any coffee table.
Imageglow® candles have been featured in Lucky, Home, Sunset, Organic Style, Country Living, Real Simple, Garden Style and other fine magazines.

Now for the special deal:
You can purchase these delightful candles from me, right here on my blog for a special price.
They retail in the lantern size for $30.00 and sell on my website for $21.00. 
You may purchase your choice of 
2   4x6 imageglow lantern candles for just $38.00
2   3x3   $ 20.00
2   3x6    $ 28.00
Shipping charges are 5.00  for any order. (shipping in U.S.)

Just email me or comment which ones and sizes you would like and I will send you a paypal invoice. Make sure to include your email for billing, and so I have a way to contact you to get shipping info.
Hurray quantities are limited and you must purchase 2 of the same size to get special pricing

These are the 4x6 's available
damask, red china,toile
bohemian,  flirty,  paris
J'et aime, french paper, kilm tree

3x6 toile, 3x3 toile, 3x3 bohemian

3x6 damask 3x3 damask, red china

The pictures do not do them justice. 
They are so beautiful lit!


  1. I LOVE mine and the pictures certainly don't do them justice! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  2. Those are really pretty! Thank you so much for your anniversary wishes!