Monday, April 25, 2011

Sofa Buying Guide (part 1)

Hope everyone had a good Easter. Our day was wonderful. We started off with church and then home for our usual Easter Brunch, consisting of yummy apple cinnamon french toast (recipe later this week), fresh fruit and more. The weather was finally beautiful here, so we did get to spend a bit of time outside too. The girls and my son in law and grand baby Ezra were all here. Ezra has just started taking steps so we had fun making him walk between us. It was a perfect day. Now the sofa series:

So, you have decided to buy a new sofa. If you are like some, you may just go out and pick the first thing that appeals to you, with out much thought to size, style, or what it may have to match back at home.
Still others of us may agonize and over analyze the purchase so much that we freeze and do nothing. Others just don't even know where to start. 
My plan is to help you address the issues and help simplify the process.
Some people have the luxury of replacing their sofas as often as they paint. But if you're not one of those people, this can make the task daunting. Buying anything you think you may have to keep a long time can be a bit overwhelming. With some planning ahead and answering some questions before you start looking, the task becomes a bit easier.  For example:
What size sofa are you looking for? 
What colors  would you prefer?
Do you need a lot of seating to accommodate kids, dogs and movie night in the den? 
Are you looking for something more formal? 
Does it need to be durable for daily use, or will it be just a "pretty" sofa? 
Will other things in the room be changing too or will the new sofa need to fit into a ready made room?
What style sofa would you like, Do you like clean lines, modern, traditional etc. 
Do rolled arms appeal to you? Leather? Fabric?
What about quality and cost?
What is your budget and how do you find the best quality for the money you can afford?
All of these issues and so much more will be addressed in the next few posts.
Feel free to send me your questions and I will address them too.


  1. Girl this is one fabulous post! Great tips.

    I also loved the Easter video you shared. Blessed assurance.

  2. So glad you had such a nice Easter...ours was, too! If we can ever get moved, I definitely am looking to buy a new sofa and loveseat, so this post is of great help! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Your post was wonderful and fabulous. I love it. You did an incredible post. Thank you and keep sharing.