Monday, February 28, 2011

Painting tips series part 1

I have had several questions about paint lately so I am starting a new series over the next week or two on finishes, types, and picking the right color. I am starting with a post I did in 2009 as a review for some of you and new info for many of you.

I thought it would be fun since most of my clients lately have been people needing help picking paint colors, to give a liitle bit of information about paint types and finishes. You already know that paint can update and help personalize your space for very little investment. However going into the paint section of your local hardware store can be a bit intimidating. There is ceiling paint and floor paint and satin finish and high gloss, flat paint and glazing etc. There are tools that we never knew we needed and tools what can't figure out the use for(stay away from those :)). Hopefully this will help take a bit of the intimidation out of it for you.

Flat paint is just that, it is flat in appearance or matte if you will. It is harder for cleaning, so use of it is best in a room that doesn't get high traffic. (I personally never use flat paint.) While it will hide some imperfections better than other finishes it is not my favorite.

Satin paint has a slight sheen and gives a nice glow to any room. It cleans up well, much better than flat paint. Satin is my very favorite finish and is in most every room of the house.

Gloss in my opinion should almost never be used, but is great for high moisture areas such as a bathroom. It is also great on trims and doors. It is intersting to note that using a gloss on trims and doors in the same color as your satin wall paint will create a slight contrast in color just because the finish has changed.

Ceiling paints are designed for just that use and again the finish you select should be determined by the use of the room. It is best to keep your ceilings a lighter color than your wall color to keep the room from feeling closed in or small.

When taking the time to paint, don't skimp on quality. The better quality the paint, the better coverage and the less paint you will use. Make sure you have all tools you need, good brushes(again don't skimp here there is a difference in brushes), painters tape, rollers and tarps or other floor and furniture coverings.

Feel free to ask questions and I will help the best I can. There is so much more about paint, but I thought the basics would be a great place to start.

Happy Painting! Oh by the way, after you get your painting done, stop by to find new accessories for your new look.


  1. I found myself excited to paint in our new home, but after I started painting I hated it!!! LOL. Although it looks really cute and pretty I would much rather someone else paint next time! :)

    Hope your day is blessed!

  2. Hi Debbie, Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving that really sweet note. I'm glad I could encourage a sister with my own journey. God is good to use us in that way.

    god bless you for being in the know on paint. Just yesterday I was in the hardwre store tiring the poor paint consulant woman out. And I still got the wrong color! Haha.. but i figured out the problem. Next time I need some paint advice, I'll skip over here. :)



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  4. Hello Debbie,
    I just came across your blog today from another blog. Anyway it must be a God thing, as I was reading thru your blog it hit me about the paint. I am in the process of painting my daughters bedroom. First coat is on. I got semi gloss paint and it is the one the brags about needing no primer will cover anything first coat..Well it didn't. What I would like to know from you is..I'm being from someone (mother-in-law) that you can't paint over semi gloss and You can only use flat paint?? I never heard of that. The first cover did not cover but I think it just needs another coat. Any suggestions would be wonderful. The color I had on was a Limeish color green, and now painting Orchid Rose very Fusha color.
    Thank You so very much,

  5. Hey Debbie! You would think I'd be a professional wall painter by now but nope, I still make the biggest mess. I've always gone with Satin too. Saving the gloss for trims, and always, always a lighter shade for the ceiling. I'm looking forward to watching your series on selecting paint colors - the hardest thing for me.

    Have a beautiful day Sweetie...Tracy :)

  6. Hey Deb! Thanks for the tips. I will be sure to refer back as I have a few painting jobs on the horizon. Unlike most people, I LOVE to paint!

  7. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you on your WIN!

  8. This is the information that I need and been waiting for! Great stuff!
    Question: Why do you paint your walls in a "W" form?