Thursday, February 10, 2011

Picking Paint

Well, most of you know by now that when we went on vacation, Hubby arranged to have the carpet and tile (that I had picked out months ago) installed as a surprise to me. He also had some minor remodeling done in our kitchen. We have never liked the placement of the fridge, it seemed to be in the way, right in the middle of the kitchen. Now the fridge is resting in a great little nook that used to be my pantry.  I love this and will be showing pictures soon, but because of these projects, it is necessary to repaint much of the main floor. We are replacing the interior doors and all of the trim too.  Everything connects to everything else so I have been racking my brain on color combinations. Let me just say, I do this for a living. I help people make these choices all the time. Why then has it been so difficult to do it in my own home? I am not sure but I finally made a few choices.
From left to right All Sherwin Williams Paint. SW2802 Rockwood Red for 1 statement wall( near the entry in the hall, also seen from the living room), SW6122 Camelback for many of the walls, SW0014 Sheraton Sage for the Dining room, SW6119 Antique white for all the doors and trims, and ceilings.
I am still working on the Family room color but am leaning towards a Valspar paint called Mark Twain House oak
Sherwin Williams is having a Coupon Sale good for 25% off all paints and stains Check out  their facebook page for more info and to get the Coupon


  1. I don't do that kind of thing for a job and am so glad that I always hire someone to help me as it is way too difficult to choose! I am sure that whatever you choose will look wonderful. I will be paying close attention as we just re-tiled our lower floor and it has really highlighted how badly we need to repaint!

    Good luck!

    Best wishes always,

  2. i love the green shade! can't wait to see the final outcome.

  3. Lovin' those colors Debbie! It's always more difficult to make decisions for your own home. I'm so indecisive OR I knew exactly what I want and I can't find it. I can't wait to see it all done!!!!

  4. thanks for visiting my blog from the lovely Natashas now following too, how sweet of your hubby to do that for you Rebecca

  5. What a guy! And what a great surprise!
    How do you go about deciding on which color?
    Do you tend to go with colors you like or seen? Or do you have help choosing (hubs)?
    Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

  6. He is a sweetheart! Don't 'cha just love him to pieces? Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  7. I look forward to seeing the results, will your miss your pantry though?

  8. Your colors are great! I would love it if my man would surprise me with a remodel.. while on vacation no less! What a fun thing to come home too!!

  9. I have the hardest time picking paint. Thanks for sharing the discount and becoming a new follower, I love new friends!!!

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