Sunday, September 20, 2009

If Momma ain't happy...

Okay ladies,
We all know that the Mom sets the tone for the household each day. Right now, you are probably wondering what this has to do with decorating or making a house a home. To that, I say, EVERYTHING!!
It is easy in this day and age to get caught up in the keeping up with the Jones's. I find it even true in the blogging world. Suddenly everyone is creating and making beauty from ashes and it makes you think that you should be doing it too. We see pictures of lovely tables and lovely rooms and suddenly all of our things pale in comparison. We begin to be discontent with things we loved even just a few days ago.
Our attitude towards all that life throws at us each day will determine the way our family will handle things also. If we are upbeat and positive about a situation, they will pick up on that. Conversely if we are grumbly or negative, they will sense that too.
I have felt at times a bit frustrated about all that I would like to get done in our home, as far as projects are concerned, causing me to only point out the negative. When that happens, it has a spiral affect.
I find that in my frustration I begin to be unhappy about everything. My family will sense my discontentment and feed off of it. If I on the other hand choose to find the good in all situations and point out the silver lining of a problem, they in turn will eventually see the good too. So moms, I encourage you to view your homes through fresh eyes. Eyes that see everything you like about it. Eyes that can see the hidden potential, not the problem. Purpose to be positive and look at the bright side of a "bummer" situation. I am not endorsing being a fake. If you are discouraged about something it is okay to admit it, but accent the possible positive side too. For example, You may have wanted new carpet this year but budget or time will not permit it. You could gripe and complain about it or you can enjoy the fact that you have more time to figure out what you really want. You can plan more family "picnic" dinners in the living room cuz you don't have to worry about soiling a new carpet. It is all in the perception of the situation, that gives" mom" a chance to turn lemons into lemonade so to speak. It really is true, "that when momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy"
However, when mom is content in her circumstances and willing to share that fact by her actions, creating a warm loving home, home becomes a place of peace and a refuge from the outside world and then "everybody is happy"


  1. These are some wonderful insights! I'm not a Mom, but I still agree with a lot of what you have to say here! Thanks!

  2. Wow, great post. I'm the oldest son of 5 kids and in my 22 years on earth I've only picked up on half these thoughts from my mom. Everything you said makes sense and I'll make sure to pass it along to my younger, more troublesome siblings.

  3. Very true. I know my little ones take cues on their behavior from me, so I need to be happy!

  4. I was brought up to understand this, I can hear my mom's words echoed in yours! And it is totally true, I've seen it in our lives and in our household! If I chose to be cheery about it, then they will too. If I chose to be down about it then their attitudes will usually follow suit.

    For me, what you wrote is all about choice and this also echoes into our own personal lives as well away from our families. It does for me at work and certain things there, or being with friends, etc. Not that they always follow suit, but sometimes they do. If we want to model this behavior, then we need to do that and others will pick up on it!

    By the way, on a totally side note, I noticed your "drink coffee" banner on your blog! Girl I about spit my water out because I laughed so hard at it. Totally funny!!! :)

    Your words are words full of wisdom and I appreciate that a lot!

    Hope your week is going great!

  5. Debbie...Thank You...Thank You...Thank You! I needed to hear this and I'm sure a lot of other moms do too. I sure can relate to the carpet problem...I don't want it until I can pay for it with I am's really not that bad! Come by for a visit if you have the time.


  6. Great post. And so true. Every day is a choice, and with what attitude you choose to embrace it with.

    Well put.


  7. Wow Debbie, thank you so much for these words. After I visit Rhonda and read your comment I took a look at your site and read this blog. What an inspiration! And most of all: how did ypu know about my carpet-problem? ;o)

    I hope your words will stick with me so I can make mysekf and the rest of my family happy again. Thanks again for your wonderful words.

    Love from Mama Monique, The Netherlands

  8. You are so right... When my children were little, if I woke up in a bad mood. They would pick it up.


  9. how did you know I was cranky today???? were you following me around and then taking notes on my bad attitude? lol
    thanks for the reminder girl!

  10. Well said Debbie! I too visit other blogs and see that fresh clean house and look at mine and I start thinking thoughts...not good enough, too cluttered, dirty...oh my! I have to then just sit back and take a break and fall in love with my house all over again. Love this post~

  11. You know the old saying. "If Mama ain't happy then Nobody's happy"!

    Moms really do set the pace for the family...happiness is a choice not based on circumstances!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  12. Hi there,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. It was great to visit yours.

  13. Hear, hear!!! Excellently said, sweet dear, I too have fallen prey on more than one occasion to feeling like my (rather spartan) home (and wardrobe) looked a million miles away from that/those of fellow bloggers and online photographer (on Flickr, etc). Thank you very much for standing up and saying what I think many of us have long needed to hear and/or thought ourselves.

    Huge hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. Inspired ComblogulationsSeptember 24, 2009 at 5:40 AM

    I found that when I am discontent with my world the best therapy is cleaning and performing all the ordinary tasks...I am happiest when
    1. house is clean
    2. bills are paid
    3. laundry is done
    4. yard is groomed
    5. fridge is full
    Everything looks brighter and I am too worn out to check out the Jones :)
    I am off to do some therapy now.

  15. Thank you Debbie for praying for me, it meant the world to me to know that you prayed and lifted me up. I really felt them and more!

  16. Lot's of truth and wisdom in this blog! By the way thanks for the good luck wishes, i'll keep posting the progess of the new place. Rhonda

  17. Thanks for the sweet comment you left today~