Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food for thought

Do you find yourself saying "If I just get through this one thing" (whatever it may be), then life will slow down?
Do you rush from one event to the next just to get through it so you can get on to the next thing. 
I found myself thinking about this yesterday. I was going through my list of all that had to be done in the next week and realized that in so much of our lives, this is the attitude for many of us. We are so busy "getting on to the next thing" that we forget to savor and enjoy what we are in the midst of at the moment. Life is so very precious and we never really know if we get to have a "next thing". So, I had to tell myself...slow down, enjoy the moment, and don't miss the blessing that each day holds because I am too busy looking forward to the next thing.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good morning Debbie! I try really hard to live this way:) Since I retired, I take my time in whatever I am doing. I try not to put too much on my list and it seems to work for me. The days are going to be getting nice soon and I can't wait to get outside and get some flowers planted! Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. Debbie, this is big Amen sister! I love the reminder. Our Pastor's wife spoke to my ladies in my Bible Study class last night and that was one of things she talked about. NOT BEING SO BUSY and it is ok to say NO! Thanks again for this precious reminder. Hope it is ok with you but I am sending your "devotional"out this morning to my regular's that I daily try to send a devotional too. Be blessed. Cindy

  3. Hi Debbie - I remember our pastor saying in one of his sermon's something like how we should be thankful there's only 24 hours in a day... Otherwise we'd cram more "stuff" in.

  4. How right you are. I think it all go back to casting our care on Him. Thanks for the reminder.:)

  5. Hello Debbie,
    That was so well said. After having a ruptured brain anyrisum I had to stop and slow down. I try and live every day seeing all the good, we never know from one second to the next. In saying that we need to all learn to say no to some things that are taking our time away from the important things in our life, like our loved ones and time for our self. I have learned by this life experiance to enjoy the flowers, the birds, the smell of rain, and people laughing. Don't get me wrong I by no means got it all down and am by far perfect in this. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Life does get so busy at times! You are right Debbie. ~Whew!

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  7. I haven't lived that way for 9 years~ I enjoy every moment in life and really enjoy every bite of food I take. My husband will ask me what the plans are for the weekend, "nothing" I say...I'm surprised he still asks! Since we moved to Seattle and his job can be so overwhelming-I started slowing things way way down at home. My adult kids think it's boring but my husband appreciates it. Also since our grand-daughter has come into our lives we are even slower. I can sit for hours rocking, reading and singing to her and not worry about what's not getting done-It ALWAYS gets done one way or another. I find I actually get more done now that I have slowed down and enjoy life!
    This is a lovely post Debbie~♥

  8. Debbie, this is so true! I have recently started a series on my blog called In The Moment...for just this reason. Trying to savor the moment and not just looking ahead or behind...great post! So glad your pkg got there safe and sound...I hope you enjoy it all! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh, thank you for the sweet comment on my kitchen. :)

  9. Debbie, I do find myself saying that periodically..especially when I'm stressed. Then I turn right around and remind myself to take life one moment at a time and look for the good parts. There are so many!

  10. I keep telling myself that about one particular situation in my just seems that it won't go away! One moment at a time...more like one second...