Sunday, August 1, 2010

Enjoy Today

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Do you find it hard sometimes to just go have fun? It is so easy to get in a rut and let the "have to's"consume us. Today after church hubby and I decided we need to have some fun, so we called up friends for dinner and ended up spending the day with them, boating and laughing hysterically at any and everything. We then came back to our house to make dinner together and enjoy food, more fun, and more fellowship, and of course more laughter. We had such an enjoyable day!! It didn't matter that "this" or " that" didn't get done, it didn't matter that the house wasn't sparkling, or that the meal wasn't perfectly prepared in advance, what mattered is that we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes you just need to cut loose and do it. I think we get so worked up in having to have everything just so, that we miss the opportunity to relax and enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has made.
So my challenge to you is to kick back, relax, have some fun, laugh till it hurts, call those friends you have been wanting to have over, read that book you have been wanting to read. Have fun!!!


  1. Perfectly stated and such a delightful, fun, relaxing way!!
    we all should do this more often!!
    warm sandy hugs..Loui♥

  2. Good for you. We are on the last day of our vacation and I'm not sure we've really relaxed properly.

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect day.
    I am the queen of kick back! My hubby and I are always taking days off to fly by the seat of our pants (now that the kids are grown and gone) ~Many people go through the empty nest stage, we on the other hand have been having a blast hanging out and reconnecting.
    Mind you, I work really hard during the week to keep things clean and organized so I don't feel so bad about taking time off to just go out and have fun!
    Enjoy yourselves!


  4. Now those are some really great friends! And that is a great way to spend the day, laughing!
    Yup, we need to cut loose. Fine example.