Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Table Top Tuesday and a winner

This is one of my favorite vignettes in our home. I love it because it has a warm cozy feel and because the majority of it didn't cost me anything. I used to work in a home decor and design store and when merchandise would come in damaged the staff would get first crack at it. Many times the wholesale companies would not want the merchandise back, but would give us full credit for it to discard it.
Much of the merchandise could be fixed or flaws hidden. So once home some minor "surgery" was always in order. My girls and I often joke about the fact that they will be inheriting less than perfect items someday. Most of my home has been decorated in this way. The trunks came in with a buckle broken and the fabric torn, the lamp has a hairline crack on the back side of the globe as well as a few bent metal parts. The clock is scarred and dinged but not so bad that a bit of shoe polish couldn't help. The books I did purchase on an employee discount, but the plant was a freebie from a very generous sales rep.
Since all of these great things sit  on top of our TV cabinet  no one can see them up close and personal and the view from the floor is perfect.
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Oh by the way the winner of the cute Family blocks chosen by our friend random # generator
is #32  REBEKAH @http://allthingzrelated.blogspot.com/
Rebekah I sent you an email
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  1. Congrats to Rebekah! Great gift! Love that sweet vignette:) Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  2. Love this girl..looks wonderful the way you do things..WOW!! Hope you have a GREAT week my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Debbie! I can see why this vignette is your favorite. It's just beautiful and you are so right - warm and cozy. And how great that you had dibs on the goods!!

  4. Oh I love it too. The suitcases, clock, plant and everything is just perfect. Such a beautiful vignette. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Yay, I won! That made my day! I emailed you my address :)

  6. Congrats to Rebekah! I have things like that in my home, too, Debbie. Mine is from haggling a price down, though, because something had some damage or was missing a piece. Turned around, touched up with paint or whatever else was done, you can't tell unless you look at everything closely. I think it just adds character!

  7. Hi Debbie, First of all, that is a beautiful vignette you created. I love it too. That is MY look to a T!

    Secondly, I had to giggle to myself when I read about your less than perfect decorations. I can so relate. If I drop a vase or container or ?? that I love and it's one sided...you can bet you will find it somewhere in my house amongst my decorations! No one knows and they don't go to waste! Thanks for sharing that I'm not alone!


  8. Love that vignette too, Debbie! Congrats to Rebekah! I think that my home is kind of made of these "saved" pieces also -- having worked in a furniture store in the past -- I've become an expert at "glueing together to make it work". My favorite kind of decor -- free!

  9. Love your vignette! Sounds like some great deals were had with the damaged items. Wish I worked in a place like that.


  10. I really like that warm decorating decor. Wonderful.

  11. Beautiful! I am in love with the suitcases!!! Sooo cool! I don't think anything I have is unblemished. Oh well! I think it's flaws add characterl....at least in most cases!

  12. Lucky girl getting all those great finds! Blemishes are just character anyway. :)

    I also love your vignette! It's so warm!