Monday, August 16, 2010

Finally... the review

Happy Monday
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We attended a beautiful wedding this weekend. It was fun to see the couple so giddy with excitement as they said their vows to one another. The pastor (grooms father) had them both write out what they loved about their perspective spouses and read it at the ceremony to them. It was very touching as they each listened to what the other had said about them. It got me thinking  what would my list look like and when is the last time I had shared with my hubby all of the wonderful things I love about him. So your home work for this week... Just kidding... well you could if you want to : )
Simple Luxury 650 Thread Count Striped Sheet Set - 650XXXX XXXX
Now the real reason for this post is to give you my CSN stores product review
You may recall this post where I was asked to review a product. It was a hard choice for me as to what to review but I finally decided on sheets. Not just any sheets though. Hubby and I have an Olympic queen bed. That is a bed that is larger than a queen by 6". The bed was free due to a promo the Simmons company did a few years ago to get people to buy this size of bed. I worked in a furniture store then and Simmons offered the Olympic queen bed at a discounted price to store employees and because  the store owners we so generous they bought the beds for all of us. The bed it self sits on a platform that fits a queen bed frame but the mattress is the part that is 6" bigger. It has always been a problem finding sheets to fit this darn bed. As you probably can tell the Oympic queen never quite took off, making it even harder to find sheets. When I saw that CSN Stores carried Olympic queen size sheets it was a now brainer for me to review them.
Let me just say this company is amazing. I think they carry almost anything you are looking for.
The sheets came very quickly and "hooray" they actually fit. The top sheet is generously sized and the bottom fitted sheet went on with out feeling like I was "fighting an alligator" to get it to fit. Although they seemed a little stiff at first they are getting softer with every wash.
thanks you Ashley and CSN stores for allowing me to do this review.
If you are not familiar with CSN Stores go check them out now. They will not disappoint!

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  1. Good to know, Debbie. I have a Queen, but it has a bit of a pillow top and it has to have deep pocket sheets {18-21 inches is what I ususally get}. I usually hate buying sheets because I can never find anything nice in a deep pocket, but I'll have to check out CSN's line.

  2. I love CSN. They have great stuff!

    The list at the wedding - what a precious idea! So sweet! Love that!