Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun Mail!

I participated in my first ever blog swap over at Kathy's Creative Home Expressions.
She paired us up and the instructions were to use a plastic berry box, decorate it and fill it up with things that fit your swap partners personality. I think I had the easiest time ever. The partner Kathy gave me seemed like a perfect match to me. Her name is Pam Norwood and you need to meet her. She has had an incredible journey. You can read about her here. I hope she had as easy a time doing my box as well, cuz, it is perfect!!!  I feel like I made a new friend : )
It arrived so beautifully wrapped
The frame attached to the note pad says "Grandma"
Perfect for picture of Ezra
I love this "S" (for Smith of course)
A peek at all of the goodies inside!!

A vintage hankie, buttons, jewelry,and so much more!
That checkered fabric already has a place in a project
I am working on.
 It is perfect!!
Just another view of a sweet Cross and lotions for my
purse. even some perfume
I feel so spoiled with all of these wonderful treasures. 
Thank you Pam!! It is all soo perfect!!


  1. I can see why you would feel pampered, Debbie, after seeing all your goodies. Yes, those items were hand-picked for you. She got a very good impression of you from your blog. How wonderful to find new friends through our blogs. I will also go visit her blog. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  2. What great goodies you got, Debbie! I'm so glad that you and Pam "clicked". She got your likes pretty good, I'd say! I love everything she sent you and what grandma ever has enough frames!

  3. Oh, now that IS a fabulous package of goodies!! Enjoy them!

  4. What a wonderful gift. Sweet new friend. Enjoy your day. Hugs

  5. What wonderful treats!

  6. Debbie...Girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE...don't you just love bloggers..Hope you have a GREAT day my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. You are MOST welcome, Debbie! It was so much fun putting it together. I think we should start a tradition of doing our own personal swap a couple of times a year!