Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quatrefoil... It is all the rage!

What is quatrefoil? Chances are you have seen it, you just didn't know what it is called. It seems to be all the rage in home decor and design. Quatrefoil means  "four leaves", and applies to general four-lobed shapes in various contexts, a representation of a flower with four petals or of a leaf with four leaflets

In architecture and traditional Christian symbolism, a quatrefoil is a symmetrical shape which forms the overall outline of four partially-overlapping circles of the same diameter.
Did you know that the Quatrefoil has been considered a sign of Good Luck for centuries?
It's in everything lately from rugs to wall coverings, it is found in shapes of mirrors, cutouts in furniture, patterns and colors in bedding and linens and more.
Ballard Designs recently had several different items in the quatrefoil venue such as this 
Metal cut out wall panel

Each $25; 2 or More $18 each
How about this cute umbrella holder?

Another favorite from Ballard Designs, I love this green rug!

Look at the pattern in this Better Homes and gardens bedding from Walmart

Love this Quatrefoil Mirror from Lowe's too
I have seen it all over blog land too like in this great Pantry remodel  over at House of Smiths

Here is a cute project from Restorative Living blog


How  cute are these from Jen At Tatertot and Jello

You get the picture it is everywhere. So add a touch of "luck" to your home with a quatrefoil design. There is sure to be an item or color to suit you out there somewhere


  1. Beautiful! I HAVE seen this design but didn't know what it was called! Thanks!

    Have a blessed day my sweet friend! HUGS!

  2. Too much of this design I would find over powering I think!

  3. I love it all! I had no idea what it actually meant - 4 leaves and good luck. I missed the umbrella stand. It's gorgeous! Love the green!!

  4. Learn something new every day! Didn't know that.

  5. I must agree, I love it! Never knew what it was called haha.

  6. Oh my.. what lovely designs.. I love the table in the last pic.. awesome!!

  7. Cool, I learned something new today:) Thanks Debbie...I do like it.

  8. I never knew what it was called but oh so love that rug! It is becoming popular now that you mention it! I do remember seeing House of Smiths and loving her pantry redo!

    P.S. Glad you got it, we gals gotta stick together and maybe we should carry a towel with us, lol!


  9. I am glad you posted this - I never knew what it was called and yes I see it EVERYWHERE these days! :)

  10. Love it! This is the symbol for my sorority!