Sunday, September 26, 2010


Bamboo is a common material used for grass cloth.With the resurgence of wall coverings in home decorating today, many designers are trying to come up with a "new and improved" take on this trend. From grasscloth to stone treatments , the offerings are unlimited. This is not your mother's wall paper. 
I am starting a 3-4 part series over the next week or so on the various options out there. 
Today Let's talk about Grasscloth:
First of all what is it?
Grasscloth has been around for ages but the patterns and colors have changed. Grasscloth wallpaper is made from natural grasses, reeds, and  a variety of fibers, including arrowroot, bamboo, cattail, jute, reed, rush, seagrass and sisal.
It usually grown in Asia, or the caribbean and is usually assembled by hand, making it more costly than other wallpapers. Because these grasses and fibers are abundant, sustainable, and renewable, grasscloth is an environmentally friendly option for walls. The colors, designs, and textures it comes in today, make it a great choice when you just want a little something different.
Here are some benefits:
Grasscloth brings a natural feeling to your room, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.
Absorbs noise and adds texture and dimension to your room
Grasscloth can, because of it's fibers and fabric,  cover any slight imperfections in walls.
Grasscloth other natural fiber wall coverings are eco friendly
Depending on your decor, grasscloth and natural fiber wallpapers can lend an exciting backdrop to  your own decor.

Natural grass and reed wallcoverings are beautiful and unique given their natural materials - but are not always so great in areas with high moisture, or high traffic areas where they are likely to be brushed against or touched. Keep this in mind when selecting the room you want to use it in.
Take a peek at the photos below to get a feel for what it is all about, and how it looks in a room setting

Some examples of Printed grasscloth  below
room set

All images from google images


  1. oh my!! that does make such a huge difference to the room right!! ?

  2. Oooh, LOVE the printed grasscloth....I had grasscloth in a former house, and it was a little hard to keep clean. It seemed to attract dust and it was hard to clean because it was fibrous.....any suggestions?


  3. Love it! I have ALWAYS loved grasscloth walls (even painted) but always had people look at me like I had three heads and was stuck in the 70s when I mentioned it. Glad to know it is making a comeback - maybe now I can use it without getting the awful stare! :)

  4. I love the grass cloth. I am seriously considering doing one wall in my living room with it.

  5. I love the texture it adds. The printed is beautiful! I think I'm still too scared to do a wall covering.

  6. I love the printed cloth Debbie...of course I'm one of those nuts that love wall paper and always have...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. Well I have learnt something today as I have never heard of grasscloth! Thanks also for your comment on 'News From Italy' I am delighted you enjoyed the stroll.

  8. I've always like grasscloth wall covering. I've never seen the printed kind before. I love the damask type print. Sooo pretty!

  9. wow, great decor,i like it a lot, the colors have been chosen carefully to match with each other and each setting is better than its previous one, very good post

  10. I love this look....I saw a room done like this on RMS, it was gorgeous.