Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unique wall coverings part 2

I hope your week is going well. It is busy around here as we are in full swing with all of the start up of fall activities. I can hardly find time to visit all of my favorite blogs, much less comment on them.(bad blogger here I know). 
I wanted to share with you a bit more in my series of unique wall coverings. It seems the more I research the more information I find. We all know that you can cover your walls with just about anything you put your mind to. We have seen walls done in your typical wallpaper and many of us have seen walls covered in fabric,slate, and as we talked about previously in grasscloth, but did you know that treatments for the walls are now being done in various forms of crushed stone, glazed clay, shells, and even sand? In the Sept issue of House Beautiful there is a whole page dedicated to just this:
Photo from house beautiful magazine

Stay tuned for more info on this in the days ahead. In the meantime you can visit House Beautiful magazine for  a better view and website info to finding these treatments.
Off to visit Ezra for a day or two and attend a class for my business.

EDITED to add that there was a knock at the door just now and a sweet lady was standing there with a dozen red roses from my hubby. It is not our anniversary and not my birthday, they were just because....he loves me.  Just had to share that. Have a blessed day!!


  1. Huh, that is really interesting!

  2. I love flowers just because! Yay for you!

  3. You've given me some great ideas and lots to think about. I am in remodel mode over here and need some inspiration!

  4. Crushed shells? Really? I've never heard of that before.

    How sweet of your Hubby! He's a keeper!

  5. Aww, Debbie! I think you should keep him! : )

    I always like to see what the magazines show as new or revisited or up-and-coming products. They definitely help me keep my finger on the pulse of things!

  6. Well, now if I can just get up the nerve to try something different:)

    I am gonna let my hubby read this kind and generous gesture from your husband:) Have fun with Ezra!


  7. Love it! That stone one looks fab!

  8. Oh, girl, he is earning himself some brownie points!!!
    Like reading about the design elements!


  9. Hmmm, I kinda like the idea of a wall covered in shells!

    Awww, your hubby is so sweet. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!