Monday, July 13, 2009


This morning I am so thankful for weekends away and the blessings of good friends. Jay and I spent the weekend in Seattle for a wedding for the son of some good friends. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful reception at the EMP(experience music project) What a great venue for a wedding reception. It is an amazing building. It was fun to hang out with our friends and just have a time of relaxing and laughter. There is nothing like the waterfront in Seattle when the sun is shining. Pikes Place market is such a fun place to roam and to people watch. Living in a smal town, it is always nice to go to the city and experience the variety of great places to eat and shopping opportuinties. It was a blessing for Jay and I to be able to go without any of our children this time too. I am a firm believer in couples getting away without the kids from time to time. It was a great time away and I am reminded once again how truly blessed I am.

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  1. Debbie I cannot thank you enough for your encouraging post on my blog. Tears have been shed today but I take refuge in a God who will cloak me with love, strength, a shoulder, and more over He will pick me up when I cannot..

    Thank you friend for writing today, it has encouraged me greatly!