Thursday, July 9, 2009


I love clocks! No not being ruled by the clock, Just clocks in general. There is just something about them. I probably have 15 clocks in my home (not counting all the digital ones around). I have round clocks and square clocks, old clocks and new clocks,unique clocks and ordinay clocks. Since I love decorating I have used clocks to fill in where I just need a little something. It is amazing how such a cute little accessory can bring a smile to me when I walk into a room. The best part is, when you come home with a new clock to decorate with, your hubby can't complain that you are being frivolous, You bought something with a purpose after all. If all of this talk of clocks has inspired you to get a new one, check out my website
for some wonderful clocks. Check back often more clocks coming soon!

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