Monday, July 6, 2009


I have come to realize that the Lord doesn't always desire that we are friends with everyone for life. I believe he brings people into our lives at different times and different seasons. Some friends are "for life" and others pass through and move on. I have several wonderful sisters in christ that have been friends for 25-30yrs(no I am not old) some are from high school, others are from early in marrage. Because we have been part of the same church family for 27+ years we have all raised our children together and been "mom" to more than our own. I know what a blessing this is and am reminded of this when I talk with others who are lonely or only have a few they call friends.

Where I struggle the most is when a friendship goes "bad". I had a wonderful friend ... then we tried to work together...without going into details, after several attempts to restore the friendship(prayer,counseling with a pastor together,etc) My friend has closed the door. I grieve the loss of the friendship but at the same time I can know with all of my being that I did what the Lord asked of me and now it is time to move on. Very sad but part of life. I can't help but pray that at some point she will have a change of heart but until then, We move on


  1. This is SO true...a hard pill to swallow...but really true. I had a situation in the last year that has gone that took a long time for me to realize this...but coming to terms with it definitely gave me peace.

  2. I agree... sometimes you just have to trust that God will bring you back together if it's meant to be.