Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mission to Mexico

My daughter Kaitlyn is leaving for an 8 day mission trip to Ensanada Mexico with her youth group on Saturday. They will be building a house for a needy family as well as putting on worship services, kids clubs, and sharing their testimonies (with an interpeter of course). I would ask for your prayers for the team for safety, for God to work in the hearts of these young people to deepen their relationship with Him, and for those who will hear the gospel for the first time to be receptive.
I am excited for this opportunity for Kaitlyn. She just graduated from High School and is still trying to decide her plans for the future. She loves working with children and interns at our church in the youth dept. She feels she wants to work in youth ministry and my prayer is that this trip will help to solidify in her mind which direction to go. I am very proud of Kaitlyn and know that the Lord will direct her.


  1. good for kaitlyn. you should be proud to have a child who is not self centered. i am sure you are!

  2. What an awesome experience for Kaitlyn! My son went on several mission trips during his college years. Each had such an impact!

    Lifting up Kaitlyn in prayer at this moment.


  3. How wonderful that your sweet daughter wants to spend her life serving the Lord. I'm sure this missions trip will be a precious memory for you. Bet you are so proud.