Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creative Gift Wrapping

 My Friend PK over at Room Remix is having a linky party.
It's a Christmas Gifts--Gift Wrap--Bows--Tags Linky Party
I am also linking up with Kara at Elements Interiors today
So I am linking up.
Recently I did a presentation to a group of ladies on creative gift wrapping ideas, so this linky party is perfect to share a few of those things with you
First I want to show you how to look like a professional gift wrapper by just having the right tools.
My favorites are: Tulle, Cellophane, cello bags, and raffia. I alos liek to pick up ornaments for 1.00 or less to add to the charm of the package.

These items are fool proof!! They make a package look professionally wrapped but are so easy to use
For example, Don't just present a bottle of wine to the host at your next party, dress it up a bit, like this one:

Here is another one I love to do.
Take a dish towel or a placemat from the dollar store and place it over a pound of coffee. Easy wrapping and an extra gift for your host.
Dollar store placemat
I just used a couple of "t" pins to fasten the placemat at the bottom

Here is another creative way to wrap a gift card to a home improvement or craft store

I just used a mini paint can from Michael's
stuffed it with tulle, hid the gift card inside and embellished it
 with ribbons, bells, and paint brushes

Now for those of you wanting a more "earthy" look, Brown Kraft paper (I get it at the dollar store) and greens found in your yard are fun to use!!

For this one, we just ripped strips of burlap and tied it on the box with some pine cones and a package tie

And finally one of my favorites!!
I have "bowl" thing and love to give them as gifts, but, I do not like to give them empty.So off to the  dollar store for cookie mix, sprinkles, and a cookie cutter or two.
Often I have used a spreader or spatula as the tie on instead of  the cookie cutter too
I have so many other great ideas but I think you get the picture. Make your wrapping fun. Have an area set up to do your gift wrapping in, with everything you may need at hand. Pick things up to use as "tie ons" that are not always meant for that. The dollar store is a great resource and so are clearance bins throughout the year.


  1. cute ideas! I definitely believe that cute wrapping is key - I did a post on wrapping for an ornament exchange last week :)

  2. Cute ideas! I love that kind of raffia, in brilliant colors!


  3. Sweet ideas my friend:) Thanks for sharing them with me! Have a blessed day! HUGS

  4. I love seeing gifts wrapped in different ways. Just when I think there couldn't possibly be another way to do them, someone (like you) comes up with something new! Great ideas. My favorites are the little pail and the bowl filled with goodies.

  5. Oops! I was going to say thanks so much for joining the party! I guess I'm saying it now. :-)

  6. Beautiful presentations, Debbie! I actually took more time on my gift wrapping last year {rather than just slapping a bow on top with a gift tag} and everyone noticed and commented on it. Just from blogging I've discovered it doesn't have to be difficult to make the wrapping just as nice as the gift itself. Thanks for your ideas!

  7. These look amazing! Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  8. What fabulously wrapped gifts! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. They are all so super cute. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I use A LOT of cellophane and craft paper to wrap. I never thought of using burlap. Great idea! Thanks!

  10. Hi Debbie, I hope all is well. This wrappings look great. I like all of them!