Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dishing It! Party (Share Your Christmas Traditions)

Amanda at Serenity Now is having a party. Here is how she explains it: One of my favorite things ever is having a girlfriend over for coffee and dishing over anything and everything. That's what Dishing It! is all about: getting to know other bloggers. 
She provides the questions that we answer and then we can visit other bloggers to see their responses too. Here are the questions:
~Do you have any specific traditions that your family looks forward to each Christmas?
My girls love it that we/santa, hides the stockings every year.  We started this when they were little to make Christmas Morning last a little longer. We leave clues all over the place and send them on a wild goose chase/scavenger hunt sort of thing to find them.
Even though they are all adults they still look forward to this tradition

~Is your tree real or fake? We still do a real tree, however, the older I get the more I think about going over to the "dark" side and getting a fake one. The fake ones really are quite beautiful these days

~Do you have any favorite ornaments? My favorites change from year to year. This year it has to be the dove ornament I got from a dear friend when my dad passed away last December. The hospital he was at puts a "dove" on the door of the room when someone passes on and as a symbol my friend presented us with a dove ornament for our tree as a tribute to my daddy.

~What's your favorite Christmas treat? There are so many :  )
My homemade Almond Roca, Shortbread
Homemade Caramels and a cake called  Orange candy cake (this one has orange candy slices,coconut,dates and pecans and is decadent!!)

~Coolest crafty thing you made or home decor thing you tried this Christmas season? A candle tray with fresh greens was about the only crafty/home decor item item so far this season

~Best Christmas gift you ever received?  A diamond necklace from my very frugal hubby. I was totally shocked and surprised!! 

~Your favorite Christmas movie? White Christmas with Bing Crosby

~What's the number one thing on your kids'/husband's/wife's/significant other's list this year? I know this will sound sappy, but we all just want to be together. It has been a hard year for us and our girls as far as missing dad/grandpa. It has also been a joyous year with the birth of our Grandson Ezra last April, Our twins moved out in Sept and we are all just missing each other. We are so looking forward to hanging out, playing games, and playing with that sweet baby too

~If Santa could bring you one big surprise this year, what would you want it to be? One more day with my dad. Cherish your families!! 

Whew, I think I got them all answered : )



  1. I loved reading your post Debbie, especially your last answer. Even though my mom passed away 12 years ago, I still have dreams that she comes back to visit us.

  2. Debbie,
    I am a friend of Carmella's...she talks about you all the time! Just wanted to introduce myself! Love your blog

  3. Oh, how I would love some of your almond roca and homemade caramels! I think my stomach just growled!!

    I am sure this will be a Christmas of remembering for your family... I pray you will smile at the good memories, and cherish the time you have together...

  4. Hiding stockings to make Christmas morning last longer is a great idea! Your candle tray is so pretty. I'm going to click around your blog to read more about it. I'm sorry that you are hurting this Christmas and missing your dad.

  5. What a great idea to hide the stockings, Debbie! It does always seem that all the time taken to purchase and wrap gifts is over far too quickly. I know you'll be remembering your Dad this Christmas, but also reveling in the joy of Ezra!

  6. It's nice that you still have holiday traditions that your kids enjoy even as adults. Things have changed a lot around here with friends leaving and kids getting older. Everyone I talk to says our environment just isn't conducive to promoting the holiday spirit.

    The gesutre of the hospital putting a dove on the door of those who pass is so beautiful. I can see why the ornament has special meaning to you.

    Homemade shortbread is one of my favorites. A friend just gave me homemade toffee today and one piece is never, ever enough. Happy holidays to you and yours. :) Tammy

  7. Mmm, your holiday treats all sound so good! I love White Christmas too. I haven't watched it in a few years I might just need to see if our library has a copy. What a beautiful candle tray. Your home must smell wonderful this time of year with the real tree and decorations and those holiday treats!

  8. Great post! Enjoy your family time this Christmas! Our son won't be able to come home this year, but we will see him in January.

    Your tree looks pretty!

  9. Oh, Debbie, what a sweet post! I LOVE that you still hide stockings for your girls. How sweet is that? :) The Dove ornament must be so special for you all. I have some ornaments that my dad made for my grandmother. She gave them to me when I got married. They are so special to me b/c both of them have passed on.

    White Christmas is a fave of mine as well. :) I've always loved the dancing, and as a child wanted to dance "Mandy" more than anything!

    Thank you so much for linking up with me! Hope you'll swing by when you have a chance and see some of my traditions. :)

  10. Your decorations look wonderful! I love your special dove ornament. It's beautiful-- the sparkles make it stand out even more. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. You're so sweet! Hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas! Blessings to you and your family (:

    (Stopping by from Amanda's)

  11. I enjoyed reading this post and finding out more about you. I think it's really fun that you still hide the stockings even though they're adults now. It sounds like it will be a Christmas with mixed emotions, but I hope it's a good one for you and that you all enjoy your time together.

  12. All the food sound so good.That is so cool that you hide the stockings.I bet that it is so much fun for your girls to look for them.